Centre's Board approves new strategic plan

RELEASED: February 14, 2008

Goals of the Strategic Plan are:

  • Centre College will prepare young people to be citizens of the world—to develop women and men whose consciousness, perspectives, and activities reflect a readiness and eagerness to engage opportunities and challenges from all parts of the world. Centre will do so by infusing such consciousness, perspective, and action more completely through all aspects of its educational experience, building on its already strong international studies and study-abroad programs. In the process, Centre will create an experience in global citizenship deemed to be a national leader.

  • Centre College will create a nationally recognized model for engaged and experiential learning by enabling students to: experience the work of the historian, biologist, or artist, rather than only observing and analyzing the process and results; engage in different forms of collaborative work; apply the power and relevancy of the liberal arts through community-based learning; engage in activities that require and develop creative thinking; combine opportunities from across the College to study and develop effective leadership; engage the academic program with co-curricular and extracurricular programs in a mutually supportive educational experience, and; engage all of these elements together through active and purposeful planning and management of each student’s experience.

  • Centre College will recruit, retain, reward, and support a faculty and staff that is at once of the highest quality preparation, committed to the College's distinctive mission, and reflective of the diverse communities in which Centre's students will live and work. In doing so, Centre will establish a human resource effort that is judged to be a model for undergraduate colleges.

  • Centre College will seek to maintain and enhance its historic and increasingly distinctive commitment to being a place of both high achievement and high opportunity—serving students of ever greater motivation and talent, regardless of their financial circumstances. Centre will seek to increase the number and quality of applicants, allowing it to choose to grow in a manner and pace that it controls and that advances the College's educational and financial goals.

  • Centre College will maintain and enhance a holistic learning environment in a highly residential community by creating physical facilities and spaces that support and match the quality of the College's academic and student life programs.

  • Centre College will use information technology to enhance, not supplant, the core elements of the Centre Experience—rigorous inquiry, community, collaboration, and creativity. Centre will also develop and maintain the support infrastructure necessary to achieve and sustain this goal. As it does, Centre has the opportunity to make an important contribution to the continuing conversation regarding information technology and higher education.

  • Centre College will create a financial base adequate to support the fulfillment of the College's aspirations, through effective management of current resources and the development of new and increased sources of support.

  • Centre College will sustain its longstanding tradition for having a dynamic, engaged Board of Trustees that provides balanced policy-level leadership and seeks to advance the College in all ways with its gifts of work, wisdom, and wealth. Centre will also establish a model program for engagement of and communication with its alumni, parents of current students, and friends.

  • Centre College will, through the example of its own programs and its leadership in issues of higher education, become a place of greater influence in the American academy. Centre College will also continue to be that place in the Commonwealth of Kentucky—and on an increasingly national and international stage—where conversations on issues of importance to the larger society take place.


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