Centre's Board approves new strategic plan: Part 1

RELEASED: February 14, 2008

DANVILLE, KYCentre College's Board of Trustees approved a new comprehensive strategic plan for the College at their January board meeting. The completed version of the plan, titled "The Centre Saga", is the result of a three-year process involving the entire Centre community; it sets out an ambitious but achievable vision of Centre's future.

"This plan intends to provide Centre with a compelling direction for the next decade and the foundation for the College's next 25 years," says Centre's President John Roush.

"Some of the ideas presented will be most ambitious and not all will be accomplished in the next five or even 10 years," he adds.

Roush; Clarence Wyatt, Pottinger Professor of History, special assistant to the president and chief planning officer; and Jacky Thomas, director of alumni affairs, began initial work on the plan in 2004, and the public phase of the drafting process began in 2005.

"The plan is important because every institution and organization needs to assess where it is in its own history and development, in addition to figuring out where it fits in the current environment and in the future, as best we can guess about that," Wyatt says.

"Much of Centre's progress over the past 25-30 years has come from engaging successfully in just such a process of understanding its strengths and weaknesses and matching those against trends in the wider world," Wyatt continues. "If we don't do this kind of thing, we are much more vulnerable than if we try to turn change to our advantage."

Following are highlights of the nine strategic goals set out by the plan:

1. Become widely recognized for offering one of the nation's premier undergraduate experiences in global studies. Centre's global studies program will provide an array of curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular offerings, all including extensive study and work opportunities abroad. The College will be among the first choices for young people seeking strong undergraduate preparation for graduate study and careers in a global setting.

2. Create a nationally recognized model for engaged and experiential learning by enabling students to participate in:

  • Hands-on learning with experts in the field
  • Collaborative work
  • Community-based learning
  • Activities that require and develop creative thinking skills
  • Opportunities to develop effective leadership skills
  • Co-curricular and extracurricular programs that create a mutually supportive educational experience

All of the above elements will be effectively conducted through active and purposeful planning and management of each student's experience.

3. Recruit, retain, reward and support a faculty and staff that is at once of the highest quality preparation, committed to the College's distinctive mission and reflective of Centre's diverse communities.

4. Maintain and enhance Centre's historic and increasingly distinctive commitment to being a place of both high achievement and high opportunity; increase the number and quality of applicants, allowing Centre to choose to grow in a manner and pace that it controls and that advances the College's educational and financial goals.

5. Maintain and enhance a holistic learning environment in a highly residential community by creating physical facilities and spaces that support and match the quality of the College's academic and student life programs.

6. Use information technology to enhance the core elements of the Centre experience—rigorous inquiry, community, collaboration and creativity.

7. Create a financial base adequate to support the fulfillment of the College's aspirations, through effective management of current resources and the development of new and increased sources of support.

8. Sustain a long-standing tradition for having a dynamic and engaged Board of Trustees that provides balanced policy-level leadership and seeks to advance the College in all ways in its gifts of work, wisdom and wealth. In addition, establish a model of program for engagement of and communication with Centre alumni, parents of current students and friends.

9. Become, through the example of its programs and its leadership in issues of higher education, a place of greater influence in the American academy. In addition, continue to be that place in the Commonwealth of Kentucky—on an increasingly national and international stage—where conversations on issues of importance to the larger society take place.

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