New strategic plan maps out goals: Part 3

RELEASED: February 28, 2008

DANVILLE—Engaged and experiential learning, or "hands-on learning," is another key goal mapped out by the strategic plan approved by Centre College's Board of Trustees at their January meeting. The plan builds on what is already one of Centre's greatest strengths: the holistic nature of the College's educational experience.

The plan calls for Centre to create a nationally recognized model for experiential learning by enabling students to:

To achieve these goals, the plan details specific initiatives:

1. Strengthening and expanding undergraduate research and collaborative learning. Necessary to this initiative are:

2. Emphasizing creative thinking and creativity:

3. Creating an internal teaching and learning "think tank"

4. Strengthening and expanding community-based learning

5. Achieving greater coherence among the different elements of the first-year student experience

6. Developing a more coordinated and purposeful program of leadership development. Specific actions to support this initiative include:

7. Creating "The CentrePlan," a program of advising and mentoring that will enable more active and purposeful planning and management of each student's experience

8. Helping students improve in "numeracy," or quantitative literacy, in order to provide them with the skills they need to understand numbers and data, assess them critically and use them effectively

9. Becoming a model of excellence in career development, graduate and professional school exploration and preparation, and post-baccalaureate fellowship advising and placement

10. Exploring the creation of a Centre-in-America Program, with the goal of creating study, work and service opportunities in the United States

11. Reviewing academic areas and overall curriculum as strategic plan initiatives are put into place and developed

12. Conducting a thorough review of athletics and recreation, including:

13. Seeking to establish a variety of partnerships with other educational institutions

14. Considering the creation and expansion of summer class opportunities

15. Developing theme years

16. Considering the establishment of special study programs such as:

17. Encouraging and facilitating self-designed majors

18. Creating a co-curricular transcript

19. Conducting exit interviews

20. Expanding fifth-year graduate assistants

21. Considering the creation of shared community experiences

22. Considering the creation of more opportunities for true team teaching

Over the next few weeks, additional Web stories will address other goals and initiatives of the strategic plan.

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