20 Questions: A sketch of Centre chemistry professor Melanie Hauser

RELEASED: January 4, 2007

DANVILLE, KY—1. Position/Title: Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry.

2. Hometown: Originally Tabernacle, N.J., but most recently Eugene, Ore., and Danville now.

3. Career highlight: You mean besides the minor lab explosion a few weeks ago? I guess it would be teaching elementary school science during grad school. What a hoot!

4. Signature class: I guess that would have to be CHE 132, since it's my only class so far.

5. Recent publication/exhibition/performance: The Centre Brass convocation on November 17. Oh wait, in chemistry you mean? My dissertation defense! YEAH!

6. Family details: Two sisters, but at home it's just me and Sunshine (see photo of black cat with short stubby tail and attitude).

7. Hobbies: Singing, quilting, knitting, hanging out, learning new stuff, grading lab reports (just kidding).

8. Pets: My dear cat Sunshine who was not quite so dear during the four-day car ride from Oregon to Kentucky.

9. Prized possession: The quilts my Granny made.

10. Last book read: The Cat Who Went Bananas.

11. Memorable trip/vacation: My family used to drive every summer from N.J. to the coast of Alabama. We thought the coolest part of the drive was mapping every Stuckey's rest stop on Route 81.

12. Favorite movie: It's a Wonderful Life and Shawshank Redemption. I love happy endings!

13. Favorite album: Anything by Peter, Paul, and Mary.

14. Favorite food: Lobster! Oh, and cotton candy, but not together.

15. Favorite smell: Cinnamon (especially if it means something in the oven).

16. Person you most admire: My granny.

17. Living figure you’d most like to meet: My future husband.  

18. Historical figure you’d most like to meet: Jesus Christ and Mr. Rogers. Wouldn't it be wild to meet them together?

19. What would you be doing if you weren’t working at Centre? Probably teaching chemistry somewhere else. I love it! Maybe in the mission field somewhere in Africa.

20. Describe yourself in three words: Huggable, enthusiastic, Christian.




- end -

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