20 Questions: A sketch of Centre chemistry professor Joe Workman

RELEASED: April 20, 2006

Three shots of Joe Workman from his recent CentreTerm trip to New Zealand: with students Jason Roedig, Taylor Vaughan, Brian Grieb, Benny Klausing on Franz Josef Glacier ("the guy with the axe is our glacier guide"); having second thougts about skydiving; and on the Tongariro Crossing, with the Red Crater and Mt. Ngauruhoe in the background.

1. Position/title: Associate Professor, Chemistry Program Chair, Chief Health Professions Advisor.

2. Hometown: Monterey, California.
3. Career highlight: Giving an A in organic chemistry to Jason Roedig.
4. Signature class: Organic Chemistry I.
5. Recent publication/exhibition/performance: Green Oxidation of Thiophenes at the International Conference on Green Chemistry.
6. Family details: One cat and one large TV.
7. Hobbies: Watching TV, playing tennis and racquetball, proving my intellectual superiority.
8. Pets: One cat named Apu.
9. Prized possession: My TV.
10. Last book read:The Wisdom of Crowds.
11. Memorable trip/vacation: TRIP = All of the great trips I’ve taken with students (New Zealand, California, Ireland, Mt. St. Helens, Yellowstone, Las Vegas); VACATION = My sabbatical to New Zealand in 2001-02 (don’t tell the dean).
12. Favorite movie:The Lord of the Rings series.
13. Favorite album:Revolver by the Beatles.
14. Favorite food: Beer.
15. Favorite smell: The organic lab.
16. Person you most admire: Keith Dunn, Centre associate professor of chemistry.
17. Living figure you'd most like to meet: My future wife.
18. Historical figure you'd most like to meet: Pasteur.
19. What would you be doing if you weren't teaching at Centre: Proctologist or prison warden.
20. Describe yourself in three words: Sarcastic, arrogant, nice.



- end -

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