20 Questions: A sketch of Centre dean of admission and student financial planning Carey Thompson

RELEASED: July 13, 2006

1. Position/title: Dean of Admission and Student Financial Planning.

2. Hometown: Atlanta, Ga.

3. Career highlight: Consistently pulling together an outstanding staff to represent and work for the College.  

4. What brought you to Centre? A nomination and a fluke. I was perfectly happy working for my alma mater one day and three weeks later had committed to come to Centre.  

5. Favorite/amusing/profound student anecdote? Many, many. The first coming to mind...I had to fire a freshman student worker on the spot once who was stealing names of incoming freshmen for his fraternity. He came to see me the day before his college graduation to thank me for giving him an important educational moment.

6. Family details: Wife Allene, a real estate agent and wonderful person, Sarah—16, John—almost 12, Mary—9. I am very proud of all of them.   

7. Hobbies: Coaching youth soccer, watching youth soccer, transporting children to youth soccer, playing tennis, fitness, church work, and reading. 

8. Pets: Two standard poodles, Jake and Indigo, and a three-legged cat named Taffy. When out of earshot of my youngest daughter, I call the cat "Tripod."

9. Prized possession: A Seiko watch received as a four-year letterman in college soccer at Furman.  

10. Last book read:Ben Franklin by Walter Isaacson

11. Memorable trip/vacation: The former Soviet Union and Baltic countries.  

12. Favorite movie:Saving Private Ryan.

13. Favorite album: Steely Dan—Aja, Bruce Springsteen—The Rising, Born to Run.  

14. Favorite food: Almost anything that comes with fins or a shell.  

15. Favorite smell: Chocalate chip cookies baking.

16. Person you most admire:  Too many to name. Several locally. One from my past would be Rick Johnson, my camp director growing up.  

17. Living figure you'd most like to meet: Barack Obama.

18. Historical figure you'd most like to meet: Winston Churchill.  

19. What would you be doing if you weren't working at Centre: Working at another outstanding liberal arts college or perhaps a practicing attorney.  

20. Describe yourself in three words: On the upside—positive, focused, and fair minded.  Let's leave the downside be.



- end -

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