20 Questions: A sketch of Centre director of Greek life Josh Schutts

RELEASED: June 8, 2006

Josh Schutts: with his fraternity brothers outside the Pike House at Southern Miss, and with a friend at Wrigley Field.

1. Position/title: Director of Greek Life.
2. Hometown: Ocean Springs, Mississippi and Menomonie, Wisconsin.

3. Career highlight: Educationally, it's receiving my master's degree in 2004. Professionally, it was the resounding success of Panhellenic Recruitment in 2006.

4. What brought you to Centre? The opportunity to work with some of the most amazingly talented and motivated students in the country. Who could pass that up?

5. Favorite/amusing/profound student anecdote? I think it's amazing how when you ask a student who's a senior waiting to graduate how excited they are, what their plans are, etc.—they get very short and defensive about it. It's what I would call Peter Pan syndrome in that they don't want to leave. That to me is a true credit to Centre and to the relationships and experience students receive when they come here.
6. Family details: Single.
7. Hobbies: Playing football, baseball, golf, darts and corn-hole.
8. Pets: None, currently.
9. Prized possession: My print of Southern Miss' "The Rock" (football stadium).
10. Last book read:Torn Togas: The dark side of Greek Life.
11. Memorable trip/vacation: My study abroad experience (Ocho Rios, Negril and Kingstown, Jamaica) in graduate school at Southern Miss.
12. Favorite movie:Old School and Animal House

13. Favorite album:
Cross Canadian Ragweed, Live and Loud at the Wormy Dog.
14. Favorite food: Cheetos.
15. Favorite smell: The ocean.
16. Person you most admire: My Greek director, Wynde Fitts and my dad, Bill Schutts.
17. Living figure you'd most like to meet: Phil Mickelson.
18. Historical figure you'd most like to meet: Adolph Hitler, Teddy Roosevelt, Susan B. Anthony.
19. What would you be doing if you weren't working at Centre: Sailing around the Gulf of Mexico.
20. Describe yourself in three words: Caring, honest, genuine.



- end -

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