20 Questions: A sketch of Centre humanities professor Elizabeth MacNabb

RELEASED: March 23, 2006

Elizabeth MacNabb: With coati mundis in Costa Rica (left); and with her "Shared Silence" group (right) that meditates in "Mack's cabin" (center) in the woods off Chrisman Lane outside of Danville. Of the coatis Dr. MacNabb writes: "coatis roam around in fearless herds of mothers and babies, crossing the road in front of cars, as in this picture. When I ran out of snacks, the little dears began climbing up my shorts!"

DANVILLE, KY—1. Position/title: Visiting Assistant Professor of Humanities & Director of Environmental Programs for the Associated Colleges of the South consortium

2. Hometown: Austin, Texas

3. Career highlight: In 2006, so far it has been a dinner with the president of Furman University and Adam Joseph Smith, a philanthropist who subsequently gave Furman funds to help build its fifth LEED certified building.

4. Signature class: Women & Spirituality

5. Recent publication/exhibition/performance:Transforming the Disciplines: A Women’s Studies Primer (Haworth), which won the Choice Outstanding Academic Title Award in 2002

6. Family details: Two sons: my 14-year-old, Seamus, studies Greek, Latin, karate, and fantasy literature & games; my 28-year-old, Cameron, creates GIS/GPS maps and routes for a Fire & Rescue Squad in Portland, Oregon.

7. Hobbies: Walking, reading, meditating (see photos of meditation group and cabin in the woods where we meet to share silence).

8. Pets: A longhaired orange tabby named Puddy Tat. I’m allergic, but we’re working on it.

9. Prized possession: My indifference to owning possessions.

10. Last book read:Pilgrim at Tinker’s Creek (again)

11. Memorable trip/vacation: Team-taught course in Costa Rica (see photo).

12. Favorite movie:The Burning Times

13. Favorite album: Joni Mitchell, Court & Spark

14. Favorite food: Thai

15. Favorite smell: Sandalwood

16. Persons you most admire: My two sons

17. Living figure you'd most like to meet: Riane Eisler

18. Historical figure you'd most like to meet: Socrates’ teacher, Diotima of Mantinea

19. What would you be doing if you weren't teaching at Centre: Teaching anywhere.  

20. Describe yourself in three words: Passionate about everything.


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