20 Questions: A sketch of Centre soccer coach Jeb Burch

RELEASED: June 1, 2006

Jeb Burch: with assistant coach Mark Hudson at Stamford Bridge football ground, Chelsea, London; on his wedding day with wife Kelleye; with Josh Will and Tanner Gudeman, two former Centre soccer players who were named All-Americans.

1. Position/title: Head Men's Soccer Coach.
2. Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona.
3. Career highlight: Seeing my first recruiting class through their four seasons together with the eventual defeat of Trinity in their last collegiate game.    
4. What got you started in coaching:It's a natural progression for goalkeepers to move into coaching. Being a keeper is unique in soccer. You don't see much direct play (unless your team is struggling mightily), yet you are mentally involved throughout the entire match. You quickly learn the nuances of the game, which allows for a smooth transition into coaching. Plus I'm quite competitive. I had to be coaching to satisfy my intense need to be involved in competition.

5. Most embarrassing coaching moment:The three times I have been carded. I'm the one who understands the work and commitment my players put forth in practice. To see our players get what I perceive to be a bad deal by an official, really bothers me. But cards aren't like technicals in basketball where you get one from time to time to fire up your team—for me, in the end, they're just embarrassing. 
6. Family details: Better halves are my wife Kellye, an occupational hand therapist, who I randomly met at a betting window at the Kentucky Derby and, of course, my dog, a red hair doberman named Chase. 
7. Hobbies: Golf and travel. 
8. Pets: Our dog is not considered a pet. He's actually smarter than me. 
9. Prized possession: Newly acquired black and white photo of Upset handing Man O'War its only loss at Saratoga, baby pictures of me with my family and of course my disco ball.

10. Last book read:The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay
11. Memorable trip/vacation: Either my backcountry trips throughout Glacier National Park or meeting with the Arsenal FC coaches in London as they prepared for Manchester United, a game Mark Hudson and I had tickets to see. 
12. Favorite movie:Seabiscuit.
13. Favorite album: A series of four concerts, January 18, 19, 20, 1996 at the Fox Theater in Boulder, Colorado along with the January 22, 1996 concert at the Ten Mile Room in Breckenridge, Colorado—Widespread Panic, of course.

14. Favorite food: Pizza.
15. Favorite smell: A good steak on the grill.
16. Person you most admire: My parents, grandparents and wife. 
17. Living figure you'd most like to meet: Sir Alex Ferguson.
18. Historical figure you'd most like to meet: Jimi Hendrix or Erwin Rommel.
19. What would you be doing if you weren't teaching at Centre: I'd be coaching somewhere else. I'll always coach, even at a volunteer level once I retire.  
20. Describe yourself in three words: Loyal, confident, committed.



- end -

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