20 Questions: A Sketch of Centre chemistry professor Conrad Shiba

Conrad Shiba playing the hammered dulcimer

RELEASED: Dec. 8, 2005

1. Position/title: Folk musician/chemistry teacher (see personal Web site)

2. Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

3. Career highlight: Appearing in the movie "Bluegrass," which featured Cheryl Ladd, Mickey Rooney, Wayne Rogers, and Brian Kerwin

4. Signature class: CHE 132, when I sing "Sodium Chloride" accompanied by guitar

5. Recent publication/exhibition/performance: Played hammered dulcimer, guitar, and banjo at the Great American Dulcimer Convention, Pineville, KY, on September 24

6. Family details: Wife Susan, daughters Erin and Katy, stepdaughter Sarah

7. Hobbies: Folk music (guitar, banjo, hammered dulcimer, mountain dulcimer, autoharp, banjo-uke, harmonica); tai chi (Yang 24 and Lee sword forms- you'll sometimes see me practicing on the lawn in front of Olin); fly-fishing for trout; flatwater kayaking; raising bonsai

8. Pets: two cats, Sonny and Cher (not named by me)

9. Prized possession: my father's fly rod, my 1930 Vega banjo

10. Last book read: Teach Yourself Volcanoes

11. Memorable trip/vacation: 1984 trip to Badlands, Custer Memorial, Mt. Rushmore, Glacier, Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain National Parks. Oh yes, also attended a chemical education conference on that trip.

12. Favorite movie: Casablanca , Kung Fu Hustle

13. Favorite album: Summer Oaks and Porch --Red Clay Ramblers; Born to Run --Springsteen; The Source--Osamu Kitajima

14. Favorite food: sushi, Thai red curry

15. Favorite smell: good coffee

16. Person you most admire: my father

17. Living figure you'd most like to meet: the Dalai Lama

18. Historical figure you'd most like to meet: Thomas Jefferson
19. What would you be doing if you weren't teaching at Centre: operating a music store or fly-fishing shop
20. Describe yourself in three words: methodical, persistent, private


- end -

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