Travel Clinics

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All Centre College students planning to participate in a study abroad experience are required to attend a "Study Abroad MD Presentation" before their departure. Students studying abroad in the summer or fall will attend the presentation held during the spring semester; those studying abroad during CentreTerm or spring will attend in the fall. The dates of the two yearly MD presentations will be announced well before the events take place.

At this meeting, the Parsons Student Health Center staff, primarily Dr. Brian Ellis and Dr. Jonathan Clark, will present up-to-date information outlining recommendations and/or requirements for each trip. Information specific to each destination will be given to students at the presentation. Students will be instructed on how and when to schedule an appointment to receive vaccinations and prescriptions through Parsons Student Health Center if they so choose. All students studying abroad are required to pay the $20 professional consult fee; those wishing to receive vaccinations or medications at Parsons should see the list below for fees for additional services.

If a student misses the mandatory Study Abroad MD presentation, he or she will not be eligible to receive travel vaccines or prescriptions at Parsons Student Health Center and is required to seek travel medicine advice on his or her own. Students with legitimate excuses for missing the presentation must notify their trip leader of those excuses; only trip leaders can excuse students from the MD presentation. Students who receive the educational material and vaccines elsewhere must show proof to the trip leader, who will notify the Center for Global Citizenship.

ANY student who misses the MD Presentation, excused or not, MUST sign a waiver (available in the Center for Global Citizenship) explaining that the student missed the mandatory presentation and was given information about where to go to receive medical travel information and vaccines needed for the trip. The student's parents must also sign the waiver, which will be kept in the Center for Global Citizenship.

Any student who does not attend the Study Abroad MD Presentation and does not sign the waiver will not be allowed to go on the trip.

Upcoming Travel Clinic

The spring 2013 Study Abroad MD Presentation, which is mandatory for all students studying abroad in the summer or fall term of 2013, will be held on Wednesday, March 27, at 7:30 p.m. in Young 113.

Travel Medicine Services

While the MD presentation at Centre is mandatory, it is not mandatory that students receive their vaccinations at Parsons Student Health Center. Students are encouraged to call the number on their health insurance card to see how travel medicine is addressed by their plan. Some plans cover travel medicine under preventive care at an "in-network" provider's office. A student's primary care physician may provide travel medicine services. Kentucky Travel Medicine is located in Danville. There are several travel medicine facilities in the state of Kentucky, including clinics at the University of Kentucky and at the University of Louisville.

Travel Medicine Services at Parsons Student Health

Please note that Parsons Student Health Center does not accept insurance for payment, does no insurance billing or filing of forms, and does not have a tax ID number. Any charges associated with travel medicine services will be the student's responsibility. Students may pay at the time of the appointment or may opt to have the charges applied to their student account. An itemized receipt will be provided or mailed to the student's home address. Vaccinations are offered at or near Parsons' cost. Please see current pricing below for the most common travel medicine charges (note: students will not need all of these and the rabies vaccine is rarely recommended):

Travel Medicine Services Fee: $50

Professional Consult/Education Session: $20

Hep A: $25

Hep B: $32

Meningitis: $110

Japanese Encephalitis: $245 (X2=$490)

Influenza: $10

Rabies: $226 (X3=$678)

Tetanus: $38

Polio: $26

Yellow Fever: $95

Typhoid: $50