Information for Study Abroad and Global Citizenship

Information for Study Abroad and Global Citizenship

Centre ranked #1 in the nation for study abroad

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Become a Citizen of the World

The world is getting smaller. How much of it would you like to see?

International study is a way of life at Centre. About 85 percent of all Centre students now study abroad at least once, putting Centre in the top three of the 3,500 colleges and universities in the country.

What makes Centre's programs different from those at other colleges and universities is that a Centre faculty member with significant knowledge of that region of the world lives at the site, teaching and coordinating special trips and other activities.

Centre operates residential sites for its own students in England (London), France (in Strasbourg, across the Rhine River from Germany), and Latin America (in Merida, Mexico). We also have exchange programs with schools in Japan and Northern Ireland. Some students also study at the University of Reading (near London), Tongji University (China), the University of Glasgow (Scotland), and the University of Lleida (Spain). More than 140 Centre students each year spend a term at one of these sites.

The cost for these programs is essentially the same as studying in Danville. Students pay in tuition the amount they would pay if they were on campus, adding only their airfare and a $350 deposit/surcharge. All financial aid and scholarships apply and remain in place during the semester abroad.

In addition, many Centre professors offer shorter, more focused trips during the three-week CentreTerm. In the recent past, Centre students have studied primates in Barbados; religion and politics in India; the sacred arts in Bali; political history in Vietnam; post-revolutionary life in Nicaragua; anthropology in Peru; the cultural history of Central Europe; the diverse religious heritage of Spain; and volcanoes in New Zealand.

Students may only study abroad on a semester-long Centre program once, though they may participate in as many CentreTerm and/or summer programs as they wish.

Obtaining a Passport. If you do not currently have a passport that will remain valid for at least three months after your return, you should begin the process of obtaining one as soon as you are selected, since it can sometimes take six weeks or more.

Centre's Your Passport. For entering students who don't have a passport, the College will provide oneā€”free of charge. That's part of the Centre Commitment to global education.