Frequently Asked Questions

Questions first-year students often ask about the study-abroad program at Centre


Are there indeed two basic kinds of study-abroad opportunities at Centre?

Yes. 1) Centre runs its own recurring, long-term, group residential programs in Strasbourg, France (fall and spring); Merida, Mexico (fall and spring); and London (spring). Also, Centre students regularly participate in Centre-sponsored programs in England at the University of Reading (fall), in Japan (fall/CentreTerm), in Northern Ireland (fall or full year), in Glasgow, Scotland (fall), in Lleida, Spain (fall or spring), and in China (fall). 2) Students also participate in specialized, January CentreTerm programs, whose locations change each winter, and a late May-early June Centre program in Strasbourg. Students may also participate in the many Kentucky Institute for International Studies programs. In addition, Centre runs a "study away" program in Washington DC during both fall and spring.

How much extra does study-abroad cost here?

The costs of our semester programs are the same as studying on the main Danville campus, with the exception that students pay a $350 surcharge and their airfare. The additional costs of the specialized, January CentreTerm programs vary from about $2,200 to $3,600.

About how much is the airfare for the semester programs?

Merida, London, and Strasbourg-bound students have found student round-trip airfares for around $600-$1300. Centre awards students going to Japan and China money toward their airfare, which has cost between $1,300-$1700.

Are there scholarships available to cover any extra costs of the semester programs?

Yes. Centre has an endowed fund designated to help some students on need-based financial aid cover some additional costs of a long-term, residential program. Also, rising seniors who have applied for financial aid and have unmet need (or "gap") who have not yet studied abroad or away may be eligible to receive a Senior Subsidy to help pay for a CentreTerm or summer program during their senior year.

What's the best year and best term to study abroad?

Because freshmen are not allowed to study abroad and most seniors want to remain in Danville during their last year, Centre students usually study abroad during the fall term or spring term of their sophomore or junior year. Other factors, such as academic requirements and sports schedules, may also influence your decision.

I’ve heard that it's difficult for certain science students, such as biology majors who are pre-med, to study abroad. Is this right?

Wrong. The academic schedule of most Centre students allows them to study abroad during any term of their sophomore, junior, or senior year. It's true that the sequential pattern of courses in a few science majors makes it easiest for those students to study abroad during a particular term. It's important that students contemplating mathematics, computer science, education, and science majors talk with their advisors and figure out their study-abroad plans early in their college career—before registering for their freshman CentreTerm and spring term courses.

How competitive are the long-term, residential programs? Will I be selected for a slot?

In the past, the vast majority of Centre students who have applied for one of our residential programs have been selected, although some have not been selected for a particular program the first time they applied. The Centre Commitment does not guarantee that all students can study abroad in the particular program and at the particular time of their choosing.

Can I study abroad more than once?

Yes. Although you may only study abroad once in a semester-long Centre program, you may participate in as many CentreTerm and K.I.I.S. programs as you wish (and can afford).

When do I apply, and how?

Information about and applications for next year's semester programs as well as CentreTerm offerings will be made available at campus-wide meetings just before and after Thanksgiving and in early January. Applications for the long-term programs are due at the beginning of spring term, and selections are announced within two weeks. CentreTerm trip participants are selected by the faculty sponsors of those trips, and for many programs virtually everyone who applies is accepted.

Can you explain how senior subsidy works?

In order to encourage every four-year Centre student to study abroad at least once, the College will help to subsidize the cost of a CentreTerm course abroad during their senior year or a summer course the summer before their senior year for upcoming seniors who 1) are on need-based financial aid with a low government-determined EFC (Expected Family Contribution) and a significant amount of unmet need ("gap"), and 2) have not previously participated in a study abroad or study away program of any sort.

When should I start thinking about studying abroad at Centre?

Right now. Let your advisor know when you are thinking of studying abroad. And feel free to e-mail Milton Reigelman or Leigh Cocanougher with any questions.

Obtaining a Passport. If you do not currently have a passport that will remain valid for at least one month after your return, you should begin the process of obtaining one as soon as you are selected, since it can sometimes take six or more weeks. You can now do this at the Danville post office on Main Street. Students and faculty members can have official passport photos taken in the Center for Global Citizenship for $5. For those participating in the Strasbourg program, a French visa is no longer necessary to obtain.