Rhodes Scholarship


The Rhodes Scholarship was established through the 1902 will of British colonial businessman and statesman Cecil Rhodes to bring outstanding young scholars from many nations to the University of Oxford for two- or three-year-long programs of study in a virtually unlimited variety of fields. Education at Oxford is carried on through both tutorial and lecture programs; final evaluations are conducted by external examiners. In addition, the university encourages participation in a wide array of extracurricular activities.

All educational costs and a maintenance allowance are provided, as are certain travel expenses.


Each autumn 32 American Rhodes Scholars are chosen through an intense process that begins at the campus level and continues through the district level. A well-grounded undergraduate preparation in one's chosen field and a well-formulated study project are expected, and outstanding academic achievement in college is mandatory, but the successful candidate will be able to demonstrate as well high moral character, a strong concern for others, physical vigor to a sufficient degree, a breadth of interests, and leadership capabilities that offer the promise of effective future service to the world. The Rhodes Scholarship, therefore, represents an investment in the individual as much as in the particular study project proposed.

Campus Advisor

Diane Johnson (johnsond@centre.edu)


  • Information on the various courses of study at Oxford is available at www.ox.ac.uk