Internships Abroad

internship in China

Because of cost and the legal issues of doing internships abroad, where many are fee-based, internships are more difficult to work out in another country than in the States. However, ambitious students sometimes manage to do this. This possibility will be made much easier in the 2008-2009 academic year, when Centre initiated a CentreTerm internship program in Merida, home of the Centre-in-Mexico program. This program is open to all students, though preference given to students who have studied in Merida or have competence in Spanish; it is jointly administered by the Merida faculty director and Mindy Wilson in the Career Services office.

Additionally, in recent years Centre students have been selected for a summer internship in Santiago, Chile, sponsored by K.I.I.S. (Kentucky Institute for International Studies), and Centre’s proposed program in Shanghai, China, includes the option of staying on for an internship after the academic term.

Information on obtaining international internships is available on the Study Abroad section of Centre's Web site.