Convocation Schedule

All full-time students enrolled at Centre for the full academic year are required to earn a total of 12 convocation credits. All convocations earn 1 credit except Opening Day, Founders Day and Honors Night, which earn 2 credits each.

To receive convocation credit, each student must have their ID card swiped, be seated before the program begins, remain present throughout the full program, and swipe their own ID card immediately following the event.

For the entire convocation policy, refer to the Student Handbook. For up-to-date changes in the Convocation Calendar, please see Notesworthy online. Students may access their convocation attendance record at anytime through CentreNet. If you have questions, please contact Megan Noltemeyer at 238-5341 or

Please note that seating may be limited for some events. It is wise to arrive early to all convocations to ensure that your ID card is swiped and you have a seat. If all seats are taken, students will not be allowed to enter the convocation event.

Seating capacities:

• Evans Lively Room — Old Carnegie (90)

• Gravely Hall — Danville High School (660)

• Newlin Hall — Norton Center (orchestra 250; grand tier 1180)

• Vahlkamp Theatre — Crounse Hall (170)

• Weisiger Theatre — Norton Center (350)

• Young Hall Auditorium [Room 113] — Young Hall (188)

*Events that have an admission charge to the public are marked with an asterisk. Students are not charged for these convos.