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Centre Prizes and National Scholarships & Awards Brochure (PDF)

Descriptions of Centre Prizes

The Alumnae Association Prize, established by the alumnae, awarded to a sophomore who clearly exemplifies the highest academic and personal standards of Centre College.

The American Bible Society Achievement Award, awarded by the religion program to a student who shows excellence in Biblical studies.

The Analytical Chemistry Award, sponsored by the American Chemical Society to encourage student interest in analytical chemistry, awarded to students who display an aptitude for a career in analytical chemistry.

The Anthropology and Sociology Prize, awarded to an outstanding anthropology/sociology major.

The Fred E. Arnicar Prize, established in memory of Fred E. Arnicar by Mrs. Arnicar, awarded to a senior student who, as a football player, has shown during his four years at Centre, high moral character and outstanding ability and sportsmanship.

The Art Prize, established by the friends of Bobbie Hardesty Brummett, awarded to an outstanding student in art.

The John Barbour Memorial Prize, established by Philips T. Barbour in honor of his father, a trustee of the College, awarded to the student with the highest grade in the study of the Bible, Biblical literature, or a closely related subject.

The Tom Bartlett Memorial Prize Award, established by Mrs. Bartlett in memory of her husband, a member of the 1921 “Praying Colonels” Centre football team, given annually to the nongraduating student who has attained the highest grade point average during the school year while serving as a member of the “first-string” football team.

The Ormond Beatty Alumni Prize, established in 1886 by the alumni to commemorate President Beatty’s 50 years of service to Centre, awarded to a senior with a distinguished record.

The Leslie Randolph Boyd Civic Service Award, established by Mr. Boyd and awarded to the junior student who, in the judgment of the faculty, has shown during three years at Centre the most serious interest, concern, and activity in furthering the philanthropic, cultural, or civic development of Danville and Boyle County.

The Henry Barrett Boyle Prize, established by General J.T. Boyle, awarded to the best student in Latin in the first-year or sophomore classes.

The John R.S. Brooking Prize, established by Mr. Thomas Gault and Mr. Richard Snyder in honor of John R.S. Brooking, awarded to a junior or senior student who plans to pursue a career in law or education, who has at least a 3.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale, and who is not attending Centre on a financial-need basis with financial grants-in-aid, student loans, and the like.

The Burke Prizes, established by Kim and Linda Burke, awarded to a female student and a male student, in any class year, each of whom has been active in and contributed strongly to a college music ensemble while also participating on an athletic team (preferably a varsity team) for at least a term.

The Charles Campbell Prize for Economics, awarded to a senior economics major who displays Professor Campbell's passion for economic analysis, critical thinking, and high academic standards.

The Cantrell Poetry Prize, established in memory of Paul L. Cantrell, Cowan Professor Emeritus of English, and administered through the Academy of American Poets, awarded to the best portfolio of poems submitted by a Centre undergraduate.

The Preston Carter Chemistry Prize, established by Mr. Rufus Preston Carter, awarded to the highest-ranking senior majoring in chemistry.

The Doris Elaine Williams Cavnes Elementary Education Prize, established by gifts in her memory, awarded to a senior majoring in and planning a career in elementary education,who best exemplifies the academic and personal qualities necessary for teaching.

The Max P. Cavnes First-Year Book Prize, established by friends of Dean Cavnes, awarded to the man and the woman with the highest academic average at the end of their first year.

The Max P. Cavnes Prize, established by friends of Dean Cavnes, awarded to the best-loved and most-respected senior man and senior woman, as determined by their senior classmates.

The Mitchell Young Chamberlain Prize, established by W.W. and J.D. Chamberlain in memory of their father, awarded to the sophomore who letters in a sport, with the highest academic standing for his or her first two years.

The Ruby Moss Cheek Scholarship Award, a full lead-crystal masterwork handcrafted by Franz Röessler and presented to Centre by alumni, faculty, staff, and the Alumni and the Parents associations in honor of a devoted alumna (Class of 1929) and great friend of the College. Awarded each spring to the sorority having the highest academic average for the preceding year.

The Samuel Robertson Cheek Honor Scholarship, established by members of the Cheek family, awarded to the member of the junior class who is judged to be the most outstanding student in required Bible courses, to be applied to tuition for the senior year.

The Samuel Robinson Cheek Jr. Memorial Prize, originated by Mr. Urban F. Myers and presented to an outstanding student of government who has displayed high achievement and promising potential in the study of political science.

The Computer Science Prize, awarded to an outstanding computer science major.

The E. Wilbur Cook Biological Sciences Award, established by Dr. E. Wilbur Cook, recognizing the senior with the highest academic average who has been accepted for graduate study in the biological sciences.

The E. Wilbur Cook Music Prize, established by Dr. E. Wilbur Cook and presented to the senior who has made the greatest progress in music studies.

The Emily R. Cowan Memorial Prize, established by Dr. J.R. Cowan in memory of his sister, awarded to the sophomore, junior, or senior student presenting the best paper in English.

The Creative Writing Prizes, awarded for both poetry and short fiction, established through the generosity of an anonymous donor to encourage creative writing at Centre.

The Paula M. Crumbie Memorial Prize, established by the Centre College Black Student Union, awarded to a junior or senior who exhibits excellence of character, leadership, and academic achievement.

The William A. Davis Memorial Prize, established by a bequest from Margaret Davis Bruce in memory of her father, awarded to the senior with the best record in American history.

The Leonard and Vivian DiLillo Spanish Prize, awarded to the most outstanding senior Spanish major.

The Marie and Andrew DiMartino Memorial Music Prize, established in their memory by their children, Vince, Ray, Steve, and Andrea DiMartino, awarded to a first-year or sophomore who best exemplifies participation and achievement in applied and ensemble music courses at Centre.

The Drama Program Acting Award, presented to a senior drama major who has consistently demonstrated excellence in acting.

The Drama Production Award, awarded to the graduating senior drama major who has displayed excellence in production (stage management, design, and/or technology) over the course of the recipient's four years.

The John Howard Duff Jr. Memorial Award, established by members and alumni of Phi Delta Theta fraternity and presented to an outstanding junior exemplifying participation in all aspects of Centre College life.

The George Handy Ensminger English Prize, established in his memory by a bequest from his twin brother, Robert F. Ensminger, awarded to a high ranking senior in English who preferably but not necessarily plans to enter the teaching profession.

The Myrtie C. Franklin and Imogene F. Bennett Music Prize, awarded to a junior music student whom the Music Program Committee recommends as most deserving of financial aid, to be applied to tuition for senior year.

The Harold J. Gale Philosophy Prize, established by the philosophy faculty in memory of Harold J. Gale ’78. Awarded to a senior of high moral character who has done outstanding work in philosophy courses at Centre. The recipient is selected by the philosophy faculty.

General Chemistry Price, awarded by the Chemical Rubber Company to the student showing the highest achievement in general chemistry.

The Graves Griffiths Prize, established by Mr. Graves Griffiths, awarded to the best student in ancient languages in the senior class.

The John Marshall Harlan Award, established by the Centre College Student Congress in 1986 in memory of Supreme Court Associate Justice John Marshall Harlan (Class of 1850), awarded to the junior who most conspicuously displays the quality of leadership.

The Frank Heck Prize, awarded to the highest-ranking paper submitted by a first-year or a sophomore in History 120.

The West T. Hill Dramatic Arts Prize, awarded to the graduating senior having a strong concentration in the dramatic arts who is judged to have contributed most to the Dramatic Arts Program over a period of four years.

The Shelley Rodes Holman Award, to be presented each year to the graduating senior majoring in international relations judged by the program faculty to have shown the greatest enthusiasm for the ideals of international relations.

The Robert Dale Holmes Memorial Prize, established by Dr. and Mrs. Frank R. Holmes in memory of their son, awarded to that member of the first-year class who, by the improvement of his or her work, diligence, and character, reveals most clearly the value of college training and the spirit of the College.

The Briscoe Inman Memorial Award, established by his wife, Elizabeth, and others in 1980, awarded to the graduating senior who has the most varsity letters in all sports at Centre. If in any year there is a tie, the award shall go to the student with the highest academic standing.

The Inorganic Chemistry Award, established by the American Chemical Society, Division of Inorganic Chemistry, is awarded to recognize demonstrated excellence in inorganic chemistry.

The Robert Powell Jacobs Prize, established by Mrs. Robert Powell Jacobs, awarded to the best student of Greek.

The James D. Jobson Kentucky Alpha Delta Award, presented to the Phi Delta Theta senior who most embodies the spirit of Phi Delta Theta at Centre. The award includes a silver bowl selected by the fraternity. In addition, a plaque mounted in the fraternity house is engraved with the name of each year’s recipient.

The James D. Jobson Memorial Prize, established by the Centre College Student Congress in 1989 in memory of a former Student Congress president, awarded to the junior or senior who during two or more years of service to the Student Congress, has best embodied the warmth, wisdom, and inclusiveness of Jim Jobson, Class of 1986.

The Breckinridge Jones Prize, established by Mrs. Breckinridge Jones, awarded to the highest-ranking student of history.

The Mason Knuckles Award, presented annually to the most outstanding student among those in the graduating class who have borrowed funds to provide means for their education. Consideration shall be given equally to scholarship, moral character, and promise of leadership in life.

The Mason Knuckles English Prize, endowed from the estate of Bernice Arnold Knuckles, awarded to a worthy sophomore who has excelled in English.

The Harry Landreth Economics Prize, established by students of Professor Landreth, awarded to a well-rounded student of economics, to be determined by the economics faculty.

The Leibniz Prize, established by Horst Wambach, Jochen Fabritius, and Centre College, awarded to the student(s) having demonstrated the greatest progress in the study of German language and culture over the last two years.

The Mathematics Program Prize, established by Professor Neil and Virginia Eklund, awarded to the most promising sophomore who has declared a mathematics major.

The Jeffrey Scott and Ann Rose McBride French Prize, established by Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey McBride, awarded to the most outstanding senior French major.

The Monnie McChord Scholarship Prize, endowed from the estate of Monnie McChord, awarded annually and separately to the man and woman who have shown the greatest improvement in scholarship during the year.

The Organic Chemistry Award, established by the American Chemical Society, Division of Polymer Chemistry, Inc., awarded to the student who exhibits outstanding performance in the study of organic chemistry.

The James Ware Parrish II English Prize, awarded to the student submitting the best independent study in the field of British and/or American literature.

The Phi Kappa Tau Alumni Award, awarded annually by the Board of Governors of Delta Chapter of Phi Kappa Tau, to a sophomore, junior, or senior member of Delta Chapter who has a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.00, is in good standing with the fraternity, and exemplifies the cardinal principles of Phi Kappa Tau.

The Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience Prize, awarded to an outstanding psychology or behavioral neuroscience major.

The John W. Redd English Prize, established by Mrs. John W. Redd, awarded to the two first-year students submitting the best English papers to the English Program Committee.

The Owsley Rochester Award, established by Mr. Paul B. Boyd Jr. and Dr. Carl E. Gingles as a memorial to their friend Owsley Rochester, who gave his life in the service of his country, awarded to an outstanding junior or senior.

The Amanda O. Rodes Alumnae Prize, established by the alumnae as a memorial to a devoted alumna, awarded to an outstanding junior.

The T. Hunton Rogers Memorial Scholarship Prize, established in memory of T. Hunton Rogers, trustee emeritus, presented to a junior who excels in physical science studies, to be applied toward tuition for the senior year.

The Student Life Leadership Award, given by an alumnus, in honor of past, present, and future professional student life staff educators to a senior student who has demonstrated a robust and consistent commitment to student activities, campus life, and leadership. Selected by the professional staff of the Student Life Office from students nominated by faculty, staff, and students. While academic standing is not a selection criterion, the student should have a minimum GPA of 2.5.

The Enos Swain History Award, established in honor of the late Enos Swain, Centre trustee and editor emeritus of the Danville (Kentucky) Advocate-Messenger, given to the junior selected by the faculty as the outstanding student of American history, to be applied toward tuition for the senior year.

The Fred M. Vinson Honors Award, honoring the late Chief Justice Fred M. Vinson (Class of 1909, Law 1911), originated by the Edwin N. Vinson family, given to a senior chosen by the faculty as most outstanding in scholastic, athletic, and extracurricular pursuits. All other things being equal, the choice will be a student from the Appalachian area.

The Wall Street Journal Award, awarded to a student majoring in economics who exemplifies outstanding academic achievement. The award is contingent on the use of the Wall Street Journal in at least one business course during the year.

The Sallie Warfield Memorial Prize, established by Mr. William Ponton Way in memory of his wife, awarded to the student with the highest standing in mathematics.

The Richard Stanford Watson Jr. Memorial Award, established by Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Watson in memory of their son, awarded to a male sophomore who exemplifies campus citizenship of the highest order.

The George Winston Welsh Valedictorian Prize, established by Mrs. George W. Welsh as a memorial to her husband, awarded to the senior man with the highest academic standing (to include at least three years in residence at Centre College).

The Marshall Wilt Physics Prize, established by friends of Marshall Wilt, Professor of Physics, in honor of his many years of devoted service to Centre College and the physics program and awarded to an outstanding physics major.

The Gavin Easton Wiseman Valedictorian Prize, established by Mr. Guy E. Wiseman as a memorial to his father, awarded to the senior woman with the highest academic standing (to include at least three years in residence at Centre College).

The Mildred and David Wood Art Prize, established by David Baker Wood, awarded to an outstanding senior in art.

The John W. Yerkes Prize, established by Mrs. John W. Yerkes, awarded to the highest-ranking junior majoring in English.

The John W. Yerkes Scholarship Cup, a large silver loving cup presented to the Honorable John W. Yerkes (Class of 1873) by members of the Department of Internal Revenue upon retirement as commissioner and given to the College by his wife, Mrs. John W. Yerkes, and his daughter, Miss Amelia R. Yerkes (Class of 1901), awarded each fall to the fraternity having the highest academic average for the preceding year.

The George C. Young English Literature Prize, established by Misses Eugenia and Sarah Lee Young, awarded to the highest-ranking senior majoring in English.