Community Service | C.A.R.E.

Centre Action Reaches Everyone

Centre Action Reaches Everyone (C.A.R.E.), Centre’s largest, umbrella service organization, coordinates volunteer opportunities open to all students. The C.A.R.E. Leadership Team, a dedicated group of Centre students, works with an extensive group of Community Partners in the Danville/Boyle County area to facilitate large group service activities like the Fall Service Plunge, Read Across America Day, and campus blood drives.

If you are interested in making a positive difference in our community, C.A.R.E. is your first step to doing just that! To get involved, sign up at the EXPO table in the fall, or e-mail Matt Klooster, Director of Community Service and the Bonner Program to find out about upcoming volunteer events!

Upcoming Events

October 29, 2013 - C.A.R.E. Trick or Treat

November 16-22, 2013 - Poverty and Homelessness Week

. Saturday, November 16th - Service Plunge

. Monday, November 18th - 12-1pm Lecture Slam at the couch area of the Campus Center

. Tuesday, November 19th - 7:30pm Poverty, Homelessness, and Health Care Convocation in Newlin

. Wednesday, November 20th - World Market during lunch and dinner in the Ewen Room and 6pm Hunger Banquet in the Warehouse

. Thursday, November 21st - World Market during lunch and dinner in the Ewen Room

. Friday, November 22nd - World Market during lunch and dinner in the Ewen Room and Oxfam Fast during dinner

November 8th - Salvation Army Angel Tree Program begins on campus. Individual students and student organizations may select an angels from the tree and are asked to purchase the appropriate gifts based on the description of the individual provided on the ornament. All gifts should be dropped-off at the SLO before December 2nd.

Blood Drives - Ewen Room, Campus Center - 11am-6pm

. September 16, 2013

. November 11, 2013

. February 10, 2014

. April 14, 2014

Sky Meadows C.A.R.E. members working on a trail at Sky Meadows State Park in Virginia during an Alternative Spring Break trip

More Information

Project Linus C.A.R.E. members making blankets for Project Linus
Cumberland Trail C.A.R.E. members helped build part of the Cumberland Trail in Tennessee while on an Alternative Spring Break trip
Repairing Houses C.A.R.E. members repaired houses in Charleston, South Carolina while on an Alternative Spring Break trip