Community Service | The Bonner Program

The Bonner Program at Centre College is composed of 60 students committed to addressing issues of diversity, social justice, internal perspective, spiritual exploration, civic engagement, and community building through long-term service work in the Danville/Boyle County community. As members of the Bonner Program, our students join thousands of students nation-wide who are dedicated to alleviating poverty and improving health and education through active community service and civic engagement. The good work of the Bonner Leaders and Scholars at Centre impacts the community through direct service, advocacy for policy change, and capacity building initiatives with our community partners. The Centre College campus as a whole benefits from the Bonner Program with an enhanced a culture of service and issue awareness that permeates diverse social groups and academic interests. Lastly, the student participants in the program are uniquely transformed through the experiential learning that accompanies a long-term commitment to service work and through personal and professional growth as members of the Bonner Family.

In 1990, The Bonner Foundation located in Princeton, New Jersey created the first Bonner Scholars Program at Berea College with the mission of providing access to college for students with no means of paying for school, with an opportunity for those students to serve their communities. Today, the foundation continues to provide resources for college students who are dedicated to becoming civically engaged in their communities. Centre is one of seventy-five American colleges and universities that make up the National Bonner Program. Schools spanning the country sponsor Bonner Scholar and Leader Programs, with over six thousand Bonner alumni having already graduated from established Bonner Programs.

Students are invited to apply for admission to the Bonner Program as part of the regular admission process to the College. For more information on the application process, please click here.

The Bonner Program

Coal Mine Bonners on the 2010 trip to Caretta, WV try standing in a coal mine
Goatwalker Laura Bramblett ('12) serves coffee and desserts to patrons at open mic night at the Urban Goatwalker, a coffeehouse open to all at Jefferson Street Baptist Church in Louisville