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Residence Life 2012-2013 Residence Life Staff

Residence Life Flyer (PDF)

The mission of the Residence Life Office is to enhance the academic experience and to encourage an inclusive, safe, healthy, and supportive living environment for all Centre College students. We work to accomplish this by facilitating programs aimed at developing responsibile decision making skills, creating a strong sense of community, and fostering respect for self and others in a diverse, global society.

The Residence Life Office believes in empowering students to accept personal responsibility and to realize the leadership potential in everyone.

Professional Staff

Sarah Scott Hall, Associate Dean & Director of Residence Life

Jacob A. Raderer, Assistant Director of Residence Life

Jane Goatley, Area Coordinator and Shuttle Coordinator

2013-2014 Residence Life Staff

Residence Directors

CJ Donald, West Side

Lauren Fall, Cheek/Evans

Jennifer Hormell, Outback

Alex Hurley, Breckinridge and Brockman

Jake Matano, Quadrangle

Stepehen Metcalf, Acheson/Caldwell

Jack Schafer, Nevin

Caroline Washnock, Pearl

Kristin White, Yerkes

Resident Assistants


Ashley El Rady, Acheson/Caldwell, 1st floor

Bryan Wright, Acheson, 2nd floor

Woody Rini, Caldwell, 2nd floor

Amber Ustinovich, Acheson, 3rd floor

Ally Scott, Caldwell, 3rd floor


Matt Gilbert, 1st floor

Audrey Jenkins, 2nd floor

Michelina Henskens (F/C), 3rd floor

Barrie Schmitt (S), 3rd floor

Brockman Commons

Cody Cook, Units 1-10

Ashley Boerrigter, Units 11-20

Michael Fryar, Units 21-30


Sarah Bugg, Cheek/Evans, 1st floor

Katrina Ayoub, Cheek, 2nd floor

Aubrey Russak-Pribble, Evans, 2nd floor

Kiana Fields, Cheek, 3rd floor

Erica Ribenboim, Evans, 3rd floor


Blake Martin, 1st floor

Devon Freeman, 2nd floor

John Coogan, 2nd floor

Gray Whitsett, 3rd floor

Jacob Trumbull, 3rd floor


Ricky Shear, Fifth Street

Johnny Kehr, Hillside ABCD

Danny Miller, Hillside EFGH

Heath Haden (F/C), Ruby Cheek

Jordan Shewmaker (S), Ruby Cheek

Shelby Gregory, Stuart

Kaitlin Boldt, Fox and Rodes


Sarah Brown, lower floor

Rachel Ison, main floor

Nick Niehaus, main floor

Lydia Prevost, upper floor

Brent Joplin, upper floor



Quynh Vu, basement & 1st floor

Olvia Kernekin, 2nd floor

Mikayla Paolini, 3rd floor


Isaac Toney, basement, 1st, & 2nd floors

Seth Carmichael, 3rd floor


Sarah Cornett, basement & 1st floor

Cyrus Xi, 2nd floor

Dennis Barrett, 3rd floor

West Side

Marie Poirier (F/C), Bingham

Nicki Frost (S), Bingham

Nick Do, Breeze

Luke Wetton, Greek Park

Michael Orr, McReynolds

Alex Gardner, Walnut

Maddy Duplessis, Wiseman, 2nd floor

Daniel Wicker, Wiseman, 3rd floor


Cristin Palmer, 1st floor

Grace Anne Martin, 2nd floor

Monica Fitch, 2nd floor

Sara Morency, 3rd floor

Melissa Stravitz, 3rd floor