Ordering Transcripts

Centre students

NOTE: If you have a financial delinquency, the College will not process your transcript request until the delinquency has been cleared. If you have a hold, we will notify you and provide the contact information for you to clear the hold.

NEW! Electronic delivery (see two options below)
Electronic transcript requests are normally processed daily in the morning. If your transcript needs to be there overnight, check to see if your receiver can accept an electronic transcript. Electronic transcripts are retrieved by the recipient via a secure website in secure PDF format with a digital signature and restrictions on editing.

Sending to individuals (including yourself) and institutions for a service fee
Electronic transcripts can be sent to institutions and individuals via our third-party provider The National Student Clearinghouse. There is a $4.00 fee for this service, payable by credit card. You can also upload other documents to be included with the electronic transcript. A physical address and a valid email address are required. Current students and recent graduates (within one year) should order via Centrenet. Login and go to the Student Tab, Enrollment Verification and Transcripts. Former students and alumni may order an electronic transcript from the Clearinghouse website.

Sending to selected colleges and universities for free
We can send your transcript electronically to selected colleges and universities for free. Check the list here. To send a free electronic transcript to a listed school, complete a transcript request form (including required signature) and send to the Registrar’s Office at Centre by mail, fax (859-238-6226), or by email* as a scanned attachment to transcripts@centre.edu. Please remember to sign the form before sending it to us.

U.S. Mail delivery – Online Ordering
As a service to students, 24/7 transcript ordering for U.S. mail delivery is available to students and former students via the Clearinghouse for a $2.25 fee per transcript, payable by credit card. This service offers response to students through email and text messaging, as well as the ability to view the progress of the transcript order online. Current students and recent graduates (within one year) should order via Centrenet. Login and go to the Student Tab, Enrollment Verification and Transcripts. Former students and alumni should order via the Clearinghouse website.

U.S. Mail delivery – Ordering through the Registrar’s Office
The Registrar’s Office continues to mail transcripts for free. A completed and signed transcript request form is required.
Forms can be completed in the office or brought to the office in person, faxed to 859-238-6226, or scanned and emailed* to transcripts@centre.edu. Normally, transcript requests are processed within one or two days after receiving the request. Allow additional time during peak periods (registration week and the end of terms). Also, no official transcripts for current students will be created once the grading window has opened until all grades for all students have been submitted, in order to avoid sending partial grade information.

Expedited Delivery

For expedited delivery, sign up for an individual account number with FedEx and then give us that number. We cannot accept your credit card information in payment. FedEx requests must be received by noon to go out that day.

The Registrar’s Office will not fax transcripts, and the office does not issue unofficial transcripts.
Current students and recent graduates may print their own unofficial transcript via Centrenet.

*Protect your critical personal-identity information: do not send us your full social security number via email. You may fax such information to us safely at 859-238-6226.