Course Offerings - Catalog 2013-14

Division of Humanities

No major or minor is currently offered in this program.


Kyle Anderson

Chinese Courses

CHN 110 Fundamentals of Chinese-I (four credit hours)
In this course students establish a firm cultural and linguistic foundation from which to begin their journey to fluency. The goal is to amass a survivor's bank of Chinese words and phrases, learn the pinyin Romanization system and the proper pronunciation of Chinese words, as well as to begin to understand the structure and use of traditional and simplified Chinese characters. All this will be achieved through dedicated efforts outside of class and active participation in a fast-paced, performance-based classroom enhanced by multimedia. By the end of the course, students should be able to perform real world tasks entirely in Chinese in at least 11 practical contexts.

CHN 120 Fundamentals of Chinese-II (four credit hours)
A continuation of CHN 110. Prerequisite: CHN 110 or permission of the instructor.

CHN 150  Contemporary Chinese Culture                        
This course takes the capital of Beijing as its focal site of study, where students are exposed to a variety of dynamic aspects of contemporary Chinese culture. Students explore the city’s chief historical sites, park culture, mainstream and underground sporting and music venues, artist residences and exhibitions, recreational club activities, fairs and markets, places of worship, etc., as they observe and analyze the content and behaviors associated with evolving cultural practices in Beijing. Prerequisite: CHN 120 or equivalent.

CHN 210 Intermediate Chinese-I
Students acquire cultural and linguistic proficiency in a number of real-world contexts while continuing to develop their writing and reading abilities. Complex grammatical structures are introduced, which students are required to use spontaneously in discussion and presentations. Emphasis is placed on enhancing students’ stamina in speaking and listening as they increase their vocabulary.  Prerequisite: CHN 120 or placement.

CHN 220 Intermediate Chinese-II
A continuation of CHN 210. Prerequisite: CHN 210 or permission of the instructor.

CHN 310 Advanced Intermediate Chinese-I
This course requires students to apply the vocabulary, grammar, reading and conversation skills learned in intermediate Mandarin to higher-order language tasks. Students are introduced for the first time to popular Chinese television and literature, as well as classical Chinese language and philosophy. Prerequisite: CHN 220.

CHN 320 Advanced Intermediate Chinese-II
In Advanced Intermediate 2, students continue to work with Chinese television, popular literature, and classical Chinese stories and language in preparation for advanced work and independent projects in the language. The week is divided into three parts focusing on specific tasks and language goals: (1) On Mondays, students read, translate and discuss contemporary short stories; (2) On Wednesdays, students continue to learn the basics of classical Chinese language (Language of the Dragon); and (3) on Fridays students watch and discuss CCTV4’s sitcom 快乐汉语 (Happy Chinese). Prerequisite: CHN 310.