Kentucky Educational Television airs in-depth interview with Centre president John Roush

January 18, 2007

Click here to watch the entire episode of President Roush on KET's One to One.

President Roush on KET Students in President Roush's CentreTerm course, “Rainmaking:
Study of and Preparation for Leadership,: had the unique
opportunity to sit in on the taping of One to One at Kentucky
Educational Television's headquarters in Lexington. Roush was
a featured guest on the show.

Students in President John Roush’s CentreTerm class, “Rainmaking: Study of and Preparation for Leadership,” had the unique experience of attending the taping of Roush’s interview with Kentucky Educational Television’s Bill Goodman on Jan.5. Goodman, host and producer of One to One, conducted an in-depth interview with Roush, covering a broad range of topics affecting education today. The segment aired on Jan. 12 and Jan. 14.

One to One features extended interviews with guests from a wide range of fields, covering an array of topics. Goodman interviews both noteworthy Kentuckians and visitors from around the world.

Goodman quizzed Roush on a number of topics during the 30-minute interview, including the remarkable progress of Centre's fundraising campaign, A More Perfect Centre, student retention in statewide higher education institutions, Centre's plan to make a bid to host a General Election debate in 2008 (see story), and The Centre Commitment.

The Centre Commitment guarantees students who meet the College’s academic and social expectations an internship, study abroad and graduation in four years. Roush explained why Centre feels confident enough to make this guarantee.

That’s the normal experience at Centre,” he said. “Students come, they have a first-rate experience with outstanding teachers in the classroom, laboratories, practice spaces, and they do study abroad at phenomenal levels.

“Our study-abroad rates would put us in the top five in the entire country. Eighty-five percent of last year's seniors studied abroad. That's 20 percent better than any other college in Kentucky, even private colleges,” Roush said.

Goodman also asked Roush about the importance of a liberal arts education.

“I still believe it's the best undergraduate education you can get, because of the breadth of experience you get,” Roush said. “[Centre students] learn how to learn; they learn how to be informed; they learn how to analyze; that's what it means to get a liberal education.”

Students from Roush's leadership class enjoyed the experience of visiting KET and sitting in on the show's taping.

“Going to the KET studios with President Roush was an enriching experience,” said Seth Woods, a junior government major from Minerva, Ky. “All of his remarks were well thought out, and it was obvious he knew a lot about secondary education in Kentucky.

“I learned a great lesson that day—the most important thing a leader can do is spread the message of his people,” Woods says. “It has made me look inward at my leadership skills, asking myself where I could improve as a leader.”

Roush finished up the interview by sharing the challenge he issues to every incoming freshman: “Do your best. Be your best. No regrets.”