Experts Guide — Philanthropy

History of modern Europe — France and the Third Republic — Poverty and social welfare — Industrialization — Gender — Philanthropy
Steve Beaudoin

Cantrell Associate Professor of History
B.A., Bates College; M.A., University of Maine;
M.A., Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University

Has published on the development of the European welfare state, charity in Third Republic France, the industrial revolution, poverty in world history, and the history of childhood and gender socialization. In addition, teaches classes on modern China, world history, modern Europe, industrialization, and gender
in Europe and the United States.



Fund raising at colleges and universities — The concept of philanthropy — Strategic planning — Fund-raising trends — Fund-raising campaigns
Richard Trollinger

Richard W. Trollinger

Vice President for College Relations
B.A., Emory & Henry College; M.A., Indiana University;
M.Ed., Vanderbilt University; Ph.D., University of Kentucky

A veteran of 39 years in higher education, including appointments in admissions, alumni affairs and development. Director of successful capital campaigns at Centre and at Emory & Henry College. Research interests: the history of philanthropy and the role of philanthropy in shaping the American system of higher education.