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President Roush: Remembering our brothers and sisters in Boston and Massachusetts

April 16, 2013 By President John A. Roush       
Pres. Roush

Centre President John A. Roush shared these thoughts with Centre students the evening of Monday, April 15, 2013.

Dear Centre students:

Reminding you that we have a great many among us from the Boston area, I write to invite you to join me in keeping the people of Boston and Massachusetts in your thoughts and prayers. What occurred there mid-afternoon on Monday—at the finish line of the Boston Marathon—was horrific. It’s way too early, of course, to know the particulars of this terrorism, but it is clear to all that the victims of this terrible bombing were innocents.

I encourage you to be especially supportive of each other during these next several days. Our community needs to pull together, not apart, particularly as we begin to learn more about the perpetrators of this terror. Too many folks will be looking for vengeance. I understand that, but we should and must choose to look for ways to have this tragedy make us be better, be stronger, be of greater courage.

But, on this night, I write simply to ask you to join Susie and me in reaching out to the people of Boston.

My best and sincerely,


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