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20 Questions with Cashier of Student Accounts Rebekah Bertram

July 11, 2013        
Rebekah Bertram

1. Position at Centre?
Cashier of Student Accounts.

2. Where did you grow up (and describe the place in one phrase or sentence)?
I grew up right here in Danville. It has always been home to me.

3. What are your hobbies?
I love to bake anything sweet and recently started decorating cakes.

4. What is your dream vacation?
I'd love to go to Bora Bora where the water is so clear and everything is so gorgeous.

5. Favorite artist and/or work of art?
I have always found Stonehenge to be a very fascinating place. I guess you can call it a work of art.

6. Favorite novel or poem?
Romeo and Juliet — only Shakespeare can make you love such a sad story.

7. Favorite sport (to watch or play)?
I enjoy watching and playing basketball.

8. Favorite TV show?
Bones and Big Bang Theory

9. Favorite album?
Anything by Aerosmith or Adele!

10. Favorite holiday?
July 4th. All of my extended family get together and we enjoy good food, an inflatable waterslide and each other.

11. Favorite food?
Shrimp of any kind!

12. Most prized possession?
My husband, son and daughter

13. Three people, living or deceased, whom you'd invite to the same dinner party?
Steven Tyler, Ray Charles and Adele

14. Favorite aspect of your job?
I will probably interact with more faculty, staff and students in this position than anyone else on campus.

15. Most memorable experience of your youth?
Riding four-wheelers in the creek.

16. What would you be doing if you weren't working at Centre?
I'd still be a Lead Pharmacy Technician.

17. Educational experience that's been most helpful to you?
My last semester in the business school at University of Louisville, every class had a group project that was the main part of my grade. I had to learn how to work with several very diverse groups.

18. Fictional character in whose shoes you'd love to spend a day?
Penny from Big Bang Theory. It would make for a pretty comical day to live next door to those guys!

19. Favorite place on campus (and why)?
Just about anywhere. I think it's all beautiful.

20. Advice you'd give to a first-year college student to make success more likely?
Everyone at Centre College is here to help you. Don't ever be afraid to ask for help.

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