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Global Leadership Academy to take place on campus this summer

January 17, 2013 By Leigh Cocanougher       
Leadership Academy Centre College invites motivated high-school students to enroll in
the Centre Global Leadership Academy, held from June 9 through
June 22.

Lee Jefferson Dr. Lee Jefferson, director of the Academy and Centre College
assistant professor of religion, says that the academy will "help
young people realize their potential as leaders."

This summer, Centre College's campus will be home to top high school students hoping to hone their leadership skills. During the two-week Centre Global Leadership Academy, rising high school juniors and seniors will not only get a taste of college life but will also take significant steps on the path to becoming global citizens.

Global Leadership Academy graduates who matriculate at Centre College will receive a one-time $1,000 scholarship. Click here for Registration Form. If you are having problems accessing the Registration Form, please contact admission@centre.edu. Review of applications begins immediately and will continue until the deadline of April 15.

No college could be more appropriate a host for such an academy: Centre is currently ranked number one in the nation for study abroad participation among baccalaureate institutions. Transforming students into global citizens is what Centre does best, and that includes the high schoolers taking part in this summer's academy.

"The goal in the leadership offering is to help young people realize their potential as leaders and give them the tools needed to take positive action in improving our world," says Lee Jefferson, director of the Academy and Centre College assistant professor of religion. "Centre is committed to producing global citizens, and exposing high school students to the nuances of topics such as ecology and the environment, cultural diversity and religion, and society and the arts can help them develop as leaders in a global context."

During the intensive program, students will enjoy courses led by Centre faculty, informed discussions, field study at area locations, and evening programs that include talks by leaders in their respective fields. To truly get a glimpse into college life, students will live, eat, learn, and play on campus.

Three track courses are being offered during the academy, all of which are interdisciplinary in nature and overlap in order to facilitate discussion and reflection with all students in the Academy. In addition, each emphasizes global diversity and awareness issues that are critical to any student preparing for higher education.

In the "Global Diversity and Cultures" course, students will discuss religious and cultural diversity, partly through the lens of art and imagery. By immersing themselves in contemporary theories, readings, films, and through experiential learning, students will emerge from the course well-versed in the global diversity of the contemporary world.

"The Global Environment" course will open students' eyes to the many ways human activities have brought about rapid and dramatic change in landscape composition that threatens mankind's existence on the planet. Studying both scientific and ethical perspectives, participants will come to better understand the fragility of the global environment, as well as short- and long-term impacts of human activities on the global environment.

In the "Leadership and Problem Solving" course, students will study leadership theories and leaders throughout history, gain greater self-awareness through the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and StrengthQuest, develop creative problem-solving tools, and work in small groups to solve real-world problems. Among other things, students will also learn "the importance of positive thinking, persistence, appreciation of diversity, and a balanced lifestyle through speakers, workshops, and interactive activities," says course leader Sarah Scott Hall, associate dean and director of residence life at Centre.

Besides taking important steps to becoming global citizens and leaders, participants will also have the opportunity to form an ongoing mentor relationship with a Centre College professional.

The Academy will take place from June 9 through June 22. Interested students should visit Centre’s Leadership Academy webpage.

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