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Centre welcomes five new Centre Fellows

July 11, 2013 By Mariel Smith        
Centre College Mark Addison ’13 is the Community Service Coordinator for the
Bonner Program.

Centre College Hannah Colliver ’13 is the Admission Fellow.
Centre College Elizabeth Frank ’13 is the Student Life Coordinator.
Centre College Mariel Smith ’11 is the Communications Fellow.
Centre College Morgan Terry ’13 is the Development Fellow.

As every Centre graduate knows, walking across the stage at Commencement is not the end of the Centre experience. Many alumni stay closely connected to the College, whether through donating money, sending children to Centre or in many cases, coming to work at their alma mater.

In fact, thanks to the Centre Fellow positions, some new graduates do not necessarily have to say goodbye to Centre after graduation at all. The Centre Fellow positions are two-year fellowships that span diverse areas of campus offices and activities, and they provide quality work experience to young professionals.

This summer, five new Fellows joined the Centre family to work in student life, admission, communications and development.

Mark Addison ’13 is the Community Service Coordinator for the Bonner Program in the Campus Center.

"I have the privilege to serve as a link between community service partners and Bonner students, as well as the Centre community," he says.

Addison is from Kumasi, Ghana, and enjoys sports video games and reading about social and cultural issues. His decision to work for Centre was an easy one.

"I believe that Centre has made and is making remarkable strides in service and diversity," he says. "I want to continue to be a part of that."

Addison is especially passionate about service and says he enjoys seeing what students at Centre can accomplish in the community.

"My favorite part of my job is witnessing Bonner students create 'magic' in our community through service. It's almost indescribable," he says.

Across Old Centre lawn, Hannah Colliver ’13 is working as the Admission Fellow. As an assistant admission counselor, she covers a certain geographic territory of prospective students and assists students and families with the college application process.

"I'm part of the team that builds a talented and diverse class of incoming students," she says.

When not working for the Office of Admission, Colliver enjoys traveling — a habit she picked up thanks to her Strasbourg and Merida study abroad experiences at Centre — as well as cooking, needlepoint and painting.

Colliver chose to work for Centre largely because of her passion for the unique experience it offers students.

"This place and the people who make up the community gave me the tools and opportunities to find success," she says. "I honed valuable personal and professional skills and made lifelong friends here. To give back to the community that shaped me into who I am today means a lot, and I hope the work I do as an Admission Fellow will give me the opportunity to shape the college experience of other students like me."

While Colliver's work focuses mostly on prospective students, Elizabeth Frank ’13 will be working with current students in the Student Life Office, where she will manage the campus reservation system and Campus Center information desk, plan campus activities and co-advise the Student Government Association.

The Louisville native is a history major and self-described nerd who enjoys reading historical novels and non-fiction. Her decision to work for Centre is motivated by a desire to give back to her alma mater.

"As a student, I came to see Centre as my home away from home," she says. "I'm honored and excited to be able to serve my college in a different capacity as a Fellow."

Frank also explains that the Student Life Fellow position is a great career-building experience.

"Starting my professional life, I cannot think of a better environment to learn and grow in than Centre," she says. "The Student Life Office staff and the College staff in general want to help the Fellows improve their skills and experiences in an engaging way."

At the other end of campus in the Combs Center, Mariel Smith ’11 works as the Communications Fellow. Her position engages various areas of the communications effort, including contributions to social media, though her main responsibility is writing the weekly web stories for the Centre website.

The Winter Park, Fla. native may be familiar to some as "Lil Smitty," the star of a Centre hip-hopumentary about a Centre-student-turned-rap-mogul. Currently, she is kept busy finishing her Master's degree in Public Administration from Morehead State University.

For Smith, who formerly worked as Marketing Director at the Community Arts Center in Danville, moving to the Communications Office seemed like a natural fit.

"Having participated in My Centre Life as a first-year student and the Lil Smitty project as a senior, I've already been involved with telling the Centre story," she says. "Becoming the Communications Fellow allows me to continue telling that story in a new way."

Smith's favorite aspect of her job is the variety.

"One week I'll be interviewing a student preparing to swim the English Channel and the next I'm calling a professor about the details of his archaeological excavation in Israel," she says. "I love that I get paid to learn new things."

Last but not least, Morgan Terry ’13 joins the Office of Development as the Development Fellow. His primary responsibilities are managing Phonathon, the Office of Development's biannual fundraising campaign, and the Student Advancement Board, which oversees the senior class fundraising campaign.

The Nashville native stays true to his roots as an old country music fan who can often be found playing a guitar or ukulele in his spare time.

For Terry, working in the Office of Development is a crucial step toward his future goals.

"I want to go to graduate school in higher education administration," he says. "My ultimate goal is to become a dean. Working at Centre in this role would allow me to gain valuable experience for my future career path while also allowing me to give back to the place that I call home."

Terry looks forward to working with a wide range of people, from students and faculty to staff and alumni.

"Being able to contribute to the success of this fantastic institution means a lot to me," he says. "I can't wait to get started."

Centre College, founded in 1819, is a nationally ranked liberal arts college in Danville, Ky. Centre hosted its second Vice Presidential Debate on 10.11.12, and remains the smallest college in the smallest town ever to host a general election debate. For more, click here.

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