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CentreTerm begins with a bevy of fascinating courses on campus

January 3, 2013 By Elizabeth Trollinger       
CentreTerm Weston CentreTerm offers students a chance to take unique classes, such
as “The Café and Public Life” with Beau Weston (above, at the
Hub Coffee House).

CentreTerm Roush President John A. Roush will teach his annual CentreTerm class,
“Rainmaking: Study of and Preparation for Leadership,”
which has become a student favorite.

It’s a new year, and Centre students are back on campus to begin CentreTerm classes today in a variety of subjects ranging from Southern literature to computational physics, from a crash course in Japanese culture to doctors in ancient Rome.

A perennial favorite, President John A. Roush’s CentreTerm class, “Rainmaking: Study of and Preparation for Leadership,” returns for upperclass students this year. The class, which is sometimes offered only to first-year students, gives students the chance to discuss what makes leaders and leadership important and take at least one field trip to see a leader at work.

As with President Roush’s class, many other courses offered this CentreTerm delve into an array of current issues. In “Current European Union Problems,” students will explore the fiscal crisis in the European Union and the possible demise of the Euro with Pierre Nuss, a visiting professor from Strasbourg. In “Personality and Power,” Assistant Professor of Government Dina Badie and students will look at the role personality has played in the political styles of such figures as Mahatma Gandhi, Adolph Hitler and Ronald Reagan.

Several CentreTerm courses delve into theatre and film in the context of global cultures. “Latin America at the Movies” with Assistant Professor of History Stephen Dove will give students a chance to study how Latin American history is portrayed in Hollywood. Pottinger Professor of History Clarence Wyatt will also teach “Vietnam in Film,” specifically looking at the relationship between America and the Southeast Asian country, both historically and in the modern day.

As is often the case at Centre, numerous 2013 CentreTerm classes are multidisciplinary, bringing together diverse subjects in unique ways. In “Rock, Rap and Religion in American Culture,” Visiting Instructor of Religion Matthew Pierce will have first-year students consider how music can simultaneously lend itself to religious experiences while also critiquing religion in general.

In another first-year class, “Zen and the Art of Going to College” with Assistant Professor of Religion Christian Haskett, students will undergo their own programs of meditation, writing daily about their experiences while discussing Buddhist history and culture in class.

Visiting Poet Francine Harris will lead a creative writing class in poetry, giving students the chance to have their own poems workshopped by Harris and each other. A volume of Harris’ poetry, “allegiance,” was published in 2012. Her poems have appeared in anthologies, including “The McSweeney's Book of Poets Picking Poets,” and in such journals as the Indiana Review and the Michigan Quarterly Review.

Professor of Sociology Beau Weston will lead “The Café and Public Life,” a class for first-year students that will look at the café as a place where people from all social groups interact. Students will talk to regulars at a variety of cafés to get a better sense of the café culture.

This is just a sampling of the numerous exciting classes offered during CentreTerm 2013. For a full list of course options this CentreTerm, click here.

Look for a story next week about CentreTerm courses abroad.

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