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Professor David Anderson collaborates with member of Obama Administration

February 28, 2013 By Elizabeth Trollinger       
Dave Anderson and Alan Krueger Professor David Anderson (left) recently wrote a textbook,
“Explorations in Economics,” with Alan Krueger (right),
chairman of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors.

Anderson book “Writing a comprehensive textbook forces me to gain a fresh
perspective on material,” Anderson says.

Prof. David Anderson recently completed a textbook with Alan Krueger, chairman of President Barack Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors.

The book, “Explorations in Economics,” is an introduction to economics directed at high school students, covering everything from the origins of money to the recent recession in its over 700 pages.

Anderson, Paul G. Blazer Professor of Economics and chair of the economics program at Centre, started working on the textbook three years ago, when Worth Publishers asked him to co-author the book with Krueger, then a professor at Princeton University. The two met in Denver and New York to develop the project, and also continued to work together by correspondence.

In the midst of working on the project together, Krueger joined the Obama Administration—and was barred from continuing to collaborate on the project while serving in his current role.

“This placed more of the writing responsibility on me, which is fine—it’s work I enjoy,” Anderson says.

Anderson is no stranger to joining forces with big-name researchers: during a previous writing project with Paul Krugman, Anderson’s co-author received the Nobel Prize in economics.

“I’m pretty sure my co-authors aimed for those honors just to help sell books,” Anderson joked.

For Anderson, working on projects such as this textbook improves his skills as a professor.

“Writing a comprehensive textbook like this forces me to gain a fresh perspective on material I might have forgotten, and to grapple with better ways to convey every concept,” he says.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Anderson is already working on his thirteenth book, a survey of economics for college students.

For more information on “Explorations in Economics,” click here.

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