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Best of 2013 Web Stories: Student Profiles

December 19, 2013 By Mariel Smith and Cindy Long        

As 2013 comes to an end, we’re looking back on the most popular web stories from the Centre homepage, based on Google analytics. (To view the entire 2013 web archive, click here.) Here are the top three web stories about Centre students:

1. Remarks by Ibrahim Jadoon ’13 at Honors Convocation 2013
"We, as part of the Centre community, have ready access to one particularly poignant reflection tool—President Roush's maxim, "Do your best. Be your best. No regrets." This quote is deeper than I gave it credit for initially; at least for me, now I've realized it's beautifully complex. I realized that, if we wanted to frame this quote, we wouldn't put a picture above it. Instead, we'd put a mirror. It's a tool to reflect with. Like a good reflection tool, this quote won't answer many questions, but instead it will make you ask the right ones. Am I happy with how I spend my time? Who am I becoming? Have I done something for myself lately? Can I do everything I want and still be happy? The answer to that one is probably "No," speaking from personal experience. Did I leave my comfort zone today?"


2. Jeri Howell ’16 sings and strums her way into the spotlight
She's opened for Dailey & Vincent. She's recorded music with such musicians as Jeff Ellis, Carla Glover and Molly Rogers. She has already recorded several singles and released one feature CD, with her second coming out this summer. And she's also a member of the Class of 2016 at Centre College. Soon enough, everyone will know her name: Jeri Howell.


3. Danielle Wahl ’15 swims the English Channel
After months of training, Wahl, a rising junior from Colorado Springs, Colo., swam the English Channel on Friday, July 5, completing the 21-mile journey in just under 10 hours. Wahl departed from Dover, England, at 9 a.m., eventually reaching the shore in France nine hours and 49 minutes later. Not only is Wahl one of fewer than 1,400 people to accomplish the task since the first successful crossing in 1875, but she is one of the quickest. Her swim was the fastest so far in the 2013 season, which runs from July through September, and would have been third among 103 successful crossings in 2012, according to records on Dover's website. The record for the fastest swim is six hours and 55 minutes, while the fastest swim by a woman is seven hours and 25 minutes.

Danielle Wahl english channel

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