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Alumni test their Centre knowledge in the 1819 Challenge

January 31, 2013 By Elizabeth Trollinger       
Contemplative Studies Group The Centre College Alumni Facebook Page is currently hosting
the 1819 Challenge, a trivia competition whose winner will
receive $100 worth of Centre swag.

Contemplative Studies Group The 1819 Challenge asked alums to say why they loved Centre,
and many responded. “My friendships with students and
professors have shaped who am I and who I want to be, and
pushed me to do my best, be my best, with no regrets,” said
Elizabeth Fenwick ’12 (above).

When it comes to their alma mater, Centre alumni really know their stuff—and they’re proving it with the 1819 Challenge.

On the Centre College Alumni Facebook page, more than 60 alums are currently participating in the 1819 Challenge, a test of Centre knowledge that will end with someone winning big. Colleen Courtwright, associate director of alumni affairs, began the challenge on Jan. 7.

“It was to celebrate our [Facebook page] passing 1819 fans, but it coincided nicely with Centre’s anniversary. I’ve posed a question or challenge each day on Facebook and CentreLink and have kept a running scorecard,” Courtwright says. “The challenge runs until Feb. 1. I will keep all of the challenge questions open until Feb. 4 at midnight. After that, I will announce a winner, who will receive the $100 worth of Centre items. The top ten participants will receive some sort of prize, as well as a participant drawn from random.”

Courtwright came up with the idea for the 1819 Challenge to generate interest, and has been surprised and pleased at the high turnout.

“I have been working to increase alumni engagement on our Facebook page. I wanted to use basic Centre trivia that most graduates should know. I really had no clue what to expect,” she says. “I figured four weeks would have been too long and people would have gotten bored, but I usually get at least one or two new participants each day I post a question. Frankly, I’m blown away to have over 60 participants.”

The 1819 Challenge has provoked lots of love for Centre on the Alumni Facebook page. On Day 10 of the challenge, participants were asked to say what they loved about Centre, with some wonderful results.

“I love Centre because it shaped my entire life—and continues to do so!” said Jane Alexander Gardner ’84.

“I love the relationships we develop with the campus community and the Danville community—professors, staff members and other students. I love the learning experiences, both in Danville and abroad,” said Alex Skees ’11, Welcome Center coordinator. “I love the campus itself, especially in the spring and fall. I love the cultural experiences offered by the Norton Center. And I love the opportunities being a Centre student provided me—internships, study abroad and work experience, but most importantly, the long-lasting friendships.”

“It’s a wonderful school and educational experience,” said Karen Black Hibbets ’96. “And even though it's a small school, everybody knows somebody who went to Centre!”

“It was and is my home away from home. It gave me so many opportunities that I never would have been exposed to,” said Elizabeth Fenwick ’12. “My friendships with students and professors have shaped who am I and who I want to be, both demographics pushed me to do my best, be my best, with no regrets.”

For Courtwright and for the alumni, the 1819 Challenge has been a smashing success—and everyone will win in the end.

“At the end of the challenge, I hope that people have learned at least one thing they did not previously know about Centre,” Courtwright says.

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