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Getting to know...the office of communications's Laura Pritchard

June 23, 2011
pritchard Laura Coleman Pritchard '05

pritchard Pritchard (above, left) with her father, Ron
Coleman, and her sister, Jessica Coleman
Hastings '97, on her wedding day.
1. Position at Centre?
Media Relations Coordinator

2. Where did you grow up (and describe the place in one phrase or sentence)?
Calhoun, Kentucky. We got our first stoplight in the late 1990s and it’s still the only one in McLean County.

3. What are your hobbies?
I like to hang out with my family, including Cooper and Ozzie, my yellow Labradors. I also like playing golf and yard games, reading good books, following politics, snarky humor, and being with my witty, attractive and accomplished friends.

4. What is your dream vacation?
I love beaches and water. So any vacation that involves activities, beaches, water and the sun is wonderful in my book.

5. Favorite artist and/or work of art?
I really like the finger-painting my niece constructed for her dad for Father’s Day.

6. Favorite novel or poem?
All the King’s Men by Robert Penn Warren. Recent favorite: Bloodroot by Amy Greene.

7. Favorite sport (to watch or play)?
To watch: Basketball. To play: Softball—but since I retired from fast-pitch in 2005, I prefer old-lady style slow-pitch.

8. Favorite TV show?
Criminal Minds.

9. Favorite album?
I have the musical tastes of a 13-year-old girl, so this is a bit of an embarrassing question.

10. Favorite holiday?
Tie between Halloween and Valentine’s Day.

11. Favorite food?
My Aunt Hiawana’s macaroni and cheese.

12. Most prized possession?
My dogs. And if they don’t count, the baseball my husband proposed with.

13. Three people, living or deceased, who you’d invite to the same dinner party?
What kind of a dinner party has only four attendees? Bill Clinton, Franklin Foster '73, Robert Penn Warren, Larry Matheny, Dolly Parton, Bethenny Frankel, Bill Maher.

14. Favorite aspect of your job?
I love searching for reporters who have questions and connecting them with our experts here at Centre—whom I truly believe have opinions worth sharing with the world.

15. Most memorable experience of your youth?
This sounds crazy, but I remember one time my dad and I were driving down the road and there was a natural spring, so we stopped so my dad could let me feel how cold the water was. It has always struck me that I’m really lucky to have parents who would take time out to do what seem like small things—but what really leave huge impressions.

16. What would you be doing if you weren't working at Centre?
I would still be working in marketing for the Kentucky Historical Society in Frankfort.

17. Educational experience that's been most helpful to you?
My overall experience at Centre taught me how to multi-task, to network, to write well, and to step up my game to stay competitive, even with people who at one time may have been better prepared than I was.

18. Fictional character in whose shoes you’d love to spend a day?
Meg Murry from A Wrinkle in Time.

19. Favorite place on campus (and why)?
The Yerkes apartment, where I spent my senior year with some of my best friends in the world.

20. Advice you'd give to a first-year college student to make success more likely?
Find the balance between managing schoolwork and being involved on campus. The years you spend as a college student are some of the best and most exciting times of your life, so enjoy them and soak in everything you can.

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