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Getting to know...dean of admission Bob Nesmith

August 5, 2010
Nesmith Family Bob Nesmith with his wife, Lisa, and daughters, Elisabeth (10)
and Emma (6)

Bob Nesmith Nesmith’s dream vacation includes visiting several of the country’s
national parks.
1. Position at Centre?
Dean of Admission and Student Financial Planning

2. Where did you grow up?
Suburban Louisville, Ky.

3. What are your hobbies?
Running, cycling, and swimming; reading with my kids

4. What is your dream vacation?
An RV tour of national parks in the western U.S., with cycling tours of each park

5. Favorite artist and/or work of art?
Andrew Wyeth, Christina’s World

6. Favorite novel or poem?
So many have been important! Wendell Berry’s Selected Poems is a touchstone for me, “The Country of Marriage” in particular.

7. Favorite sport (to watch or play)?
Cycling, but I enjoy watching almost anything where score is kept. I’m related to the inventor of basketball, so it has a special claim on my heart, too, but I can’t play to save my life.

8. Favorite TV show?
Sports? Netflix? Believe it or not, I don’t have cable.

9. Favorite album?
Big Star’s Third/Sister Lovers. Music by Pavement and Wilco and the album Astral Weeks are close behind.

10. Favorite holiday?

11. Favorite food?

12. Favorite memory of your days as a Centre student?
Many, many happy times with great friends; Melville seminar with Milton Reigelman; Modernism seminar with Mark Lucas; Myth and Modernity with Milton Scarborough; Contemporary Theology with Eric Mount; History of Christian Thought with Tom McCullough; Milton seminar with Roberta White.

13. Three people, living or deceased, who you’d invite to the same dinner party?
Jack Kerouac, Lance Armstrong, Jeff Tweedy. Would be a weird party, huh?

14. Favorite aspect of your job?
My colleagues and the students and families we work with.

15. Favorite Centre tradition?
The first-year picnic at the Roushes’ home

16. What would you be doing if you weren't working at Centre?
Some other kind of “secular ministry,” so to speak.

17. Educational experience that's been most helpful to you?
See courses above! I learned a lot about myself while in graduate school, but not so much from graduate school.

18. Fictional character in whose shoes you’d love to spend a day?
Green Lantern (I read a lot of comic books as a kid.)

19. Favorite place on campus (and why)?
The rope swing in front of Old Centre, for demonstrating that even in the very shadow of our significant institutional heritage, we don’t take ourselves too seriously for high-spirited fun.

20. Advice you'd give to a first-year college student to make success more likely?
Relish every bit of it, even the stuff that seems like drudgery. You really don’t get to do this again!

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