Majors and Minors

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Pre-Professional Preparation

Languages Offered

At Centre, you can study the following languages. Majors and/or minors are offered in some but not all of them.
Foreign Languages Flyer (PDF)

Language Scholarship Flyer (PDF)

Teacher Certification

Centre offers certification in:
• Elementary Education (P-5)
• Secondary Education (8-12)
• All Grade Levels (P-12) in art, French, German, and Spanish.

Centre establishes partnership with Vanderbilt and introduces the Centre Education Fellows Program

Teacher Certification Info

Humanities Courses

Humanities, the only courses currently required of every student at Centre College, are an integral part of the Centre experience and of a full and rich education in the liberal arts.

Natural Science

As part of the general education requirement, students must take one life science and one physical science course. One or both courses may be from the Natural Science sequence.