Computer Science

Computer science examines the roles of theory, abstraction, and design as they are applied to the issue of complexity. Computers themselves are a result of theoretical development and the use of abstraction to design and build a machine. Anyone who uses a computer also sees clear evidence that we need to find even more powerful ways to solve complex problems like those of producing better computer hardware and software.

The major in computer science seeks to provide students with a theoretical understanding of complexity, the knowledge of existing techniques for dealing with complexity. and the experience designing appropriate solutions to complex problems found in the real world.

Since the tools and techniques of computer science can help to solve problems in many subject areas, the Computer Science Program aims to produce liberally educated graduates who are able to communicate effectively with those outside the discipline.

Some computer science graduates have continued their education by working on advanced degrees in high quality graduate schools. Those who have chosen to begin their careers immediately have been successful in finding professional employment. Computer science graduates frequently work as programmers, but the major is strong preparation for many other jobs as well. For example, a computer science major might consider a career in technical writing, systems analysis, engineering, management, or law.

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