The discipline of biology encompasses many subject areas ranging from the study of molecular and cellular functions to the ecological interactions among organisms. As biology majors, students gain a solid background in the discipline while also gaining an appreciation for the application of biological principles to our world. Students planning on majoring in biology will prepare for the major with appropriate courses in mathematics, chemistry, and physics. As freshmen and sophomores, students will be introduced to the breadth of the discipline in the introductory biology course and will gain a foundation in the areas of cell biology and evolutionary genetics. Upon declaration of the major, students will complete a series of courses focusing on specific areas of study within the discipline. These courses will include required classes in microbiology, plant and animal biology, and ecology as well elective biology courses in the student's area of interest. At the senior level, our majors all enroll in the capstone senior seminar course. For those individuals who are especially interested in the interface between biology and chemistry, Centre offers a separate major in biochemistry and molecular biology. Students with particular interests in behavioral biology may find the major in psychobiology attractive.

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Dr. Matt Klooster with students
student disecting a shark