Heritage Society

The Heritage Society recognizes those donors who have secured the College's future by including Centre in their estate plans. Throughout its history, Centre has benefitted tremendously from such gifts, which have played a central role in building the College's endowment. Through their tremendous impact, these gifts ensure that Centre's future is bright!

Membership in the Heritage Society is given to all individuals who notify the College of their intent to include Centre in their estate plans.


Listing reflects gifts made 7.1.12 thru 11.18.12

Heritage Society Members


Austin Thompson Anderton

Philip D. Anderton

Nancy Hensley Amos

Cleopatra Cazassis Avila

Stanton F. Bahr

Jean Baldwin

John R. Barton

Barbara Schmied Beury

George Venable Beury

Cassandra Silk Blandford

Matt Blandford

Donna S. Bodner

Bradford P. Bollman

Charles E. Bolton

Nell Pearce Bradley

William H. Breeze

Anita M. Britton

Robert T. Brockman

Anne S. Caldwell

Mary Lee Mahin Caress

Jay C. Carnes

Emily Surgenor Childers

James Thomas Clarkson

Cromwell C. Cleveland, Jr.

J. Ryan Coady, Jr.

Joanne Mateer Cocanougher

Carol Dean Coleman

Sarah Jo Huff Collins

James A. Compton

Jeffrey B. Conner

Margaret Wilcox Conner

Roberta M. Corliss

John K. S. Cornell

William W. Crawford

Marie Cull

William H. Cull

Barbara Cuny

John E. Cuny

Gordon B. Davidson

Elaine Wallace Deutsch

William L. Deutsch

Stephanie Elizabeth Dew

Allison Dickinson

Sam Dickinson

William M. Dishman III

Marth Donahue

Doug Draut

Robert W. Dyche III

Robert L. Elliott

Brian Errett Ellis

Barbara F. Emler

James H. Evans

Linda L. Freeman

Betty D. Gates

Sue Rochester Gingles

Mary L. Goddard

Steven J. Goldstein

Gladys Gooch

Leon Gooch

C. Clay Green II

J. David Grissom

Stephen D. Grissom

Edmund William Grossman

Barbara L. Hall

Michael F. Hamm

James B. "Jim" Hawkins

Margie Hedrick Hazelrigg

Cary L. Hearn

James S. Hewlett

Frederick M. Higgins

Hugh G. Hines, Jr.

Hugh Gates Hines

Marjorie Herndon Hines

Richard L. Holland

Gina Toombs Hopper

James L. Howe III

Lucy Meade Howe

Frank B. Hower, Jr.

Virginia Barker Hower

Sheri Hillman Huette

David W. Humes

Mary McKee Hunt

Washio Ishii

Sally Jeanne E. Kappler

Mary Hood Keefe

Robert A. Keefe

Randal B. Kell

Ronald D. Kellems

Sallie Meade Howard Kellems

Lester Key

Ann Kincheloe

James A. Kincheloe

Deborah A. King

Mr. & Mrs. Anthongy S. Kurlas

Harry & Donna Landreth

Margaret Glore Lanier

David L. Lawrence

Jane K. Lawson

Elizabeth Braswell Leahey

James P. Leahey

Kristan Lenning

Mary Lloyd Nelms Howard Lessenberry

Robert A. Lessenberry

John Ligon

Gladys G. Lippincott

Pierce Lively

Todd Parker Lowe

Anne E. Lubbers

Charles J. Luellen

C. H. Maguire III

William Eugene Marcrum

Barbara Doerr Martin

Daryll W. Martin

Frances Skidmore Martin

Thomas Bruce Martin

Blakeley D. Matthews

Jason Mayeroff

Patrick B. McGinnis

Everett E. McGuire

Eileen Steiner McMullen

Sam Gray McNamara

Patricia Vincent McNulty

Henry Meigs

Sally Meigs

Suzanne Wells Miell

John Montjoy

Molly Kerr Moore

Mary Jo Morrow

C. Eric Mount, Jr.

Truly B. Mount

Reginald Martin Mudd

Laura J. Mullins

John H. Newman

Elizabeth Ann Graham Nickels

Robert J. Noel

Barbara Jane Norris

James V. Oppel, Jr.

Ben Oviatt

David D. Owen

Charles E. Patterson

Joseph H. Patterson

Peggy Purdom Patterson

Missy Wiedmer Perry

A. Brooks Pinney III

Calvin Rogers Pinney

Eleanor G. Sabol Pirozek

Jane Grainger Potter

Lillian H. Press

David G. Price

Louis Prichard

John R. Pryor

Linda Bargo Radford

Wynn L. Radford III

James M. Ratcliffe

Daniel Scott Rechter

Mrs. Grover C. Reid, Jr.

Jacqueline Kincheloe Resinger

Douglas W. Rigsby

Martha Butler Rodes

Nelson D. Rodes, Jr.

James Dedman Rouse

John A. Roush

Susie Miller Roush

Sue Treadway Russell

D. A. Sachs III

Louise A. Sachs

Milton Scarborough

James L. Schenz

Mrs. Leland Schlegel

W. Gregory Shearer

Margaret Church Smith

Kuper Lee Hood Smyser

Sue Andrea Stafford

Jane L. Stevenson

John W. Stevenson

Charles W. Stewart

James G. Stewart

Margaret A. Menges Stroup

Margaret Hall Sturdivant

John Adams Sturges, Jr.

James English Sullivan, Jr.

Enos Steve Swain

Lisa L. Swem

Keith Swigert

Nancy Ballman Swigert

Kevin D. Taylor

Mary Lee Tipton

Patsi Barnes Trollinger

Richard W. Trollinger

William Thompson Tyrrell

Lanny Gregory van Allen

W. M. Dirk van Allen

John Ellis Webb

Richard E. Wentz

Nicholas J. Wilkerson

Susan C. Willis

Ann Montgomery Wilson

Ian W. Wilson

James Robert Wilson, Jr.

Melinda Wilson

Joe M. Workman

Clarence R. Wyatt

Mona Gordon Wyatt

Mark Farris Yeager

David A. York

Ellamae Dowell Youst

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