Centre Fellows Scholarship Program

The Centre Fellows Scholarship Program is an innovative approach to recognizing and rewarding some of the nation's brightest, most involved young people. This scholarship program is made possible by gifts from Centre alumni who want to enable outstanding students to attend the College. Centre has traditionally provided generous assistance to all qualified students. This initiative will continue and enhance that tradition.

Centre Fellows is simply a scholarship program—there is no event on campus related to it, nor is there any cost. It's just our way of attracting the interest of talented juniors throughout the country. When a student is nominated by the high school counselor and chooses to become a Centre Fellow, he or she is guaranteed a minimum scholarship level of $14,000 per year.

A Centre Fellow can certainly win a higher scholarship, but at least he or she will get $14,000. It's truly a good deal that requires no commitment on the student's part!

To be considered, students must be nominated by their high school counselors. Counselors are able to nominate four juniors (two males and two females) each year.