How to Apply for Financial Aid

Information for First-Time Applicants

You may apply for all state and federal aid funds (grants, loans, and work-study) and Centre's own grant program by filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This form is available from your guidance counselor or you can file online at You will need Centre's school code: 001961.

We also require that you file a supplemental form to apply for aid. Early Decision Students, Early Action Students, and Regular Decision Students must complete the Centre Aid Form.

Tax returns and an additional worksheet are required for those families selected by the U.S. Department of Education in a process called verification. You will be notified of this requirement if you are selected. Click to download forms related to verification.

Transfer and independent students may be required to provide additional information. Contact the Student Financial Planning Office for more information.

Visit the First-Time Applicant Timetable for a list of important dates and deadlines.

Need more help? View our list of hints for Filling out the FAFSA.

Information for Returning Students

If you applied for aid last year, the government will make available a renewal FAFSA online. This form has many answers preprinted based on the previous year's data, so it is quicker to complete than the FAFSA. Complete it online at, but please note that you will need to use a PIN number.

All returning students applying for aid must complete the Centre Aid Form each year. This form is mailed in early December via campus mail to all students currently on aid. If you need another Centre Aid Form, visit our page of Downloadable Forms.

Complete your tax returns. Completed tax forms make the FAFSA easier to fill out. If you cannot complete your taxes by March 1, estimated tax information can be used for the financial section but it must be updated later when taxes are completed.

Need more help? View our Re-applying for Financial Aid Web page.

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