Centre College Emeritus Faculty

Larry Matheny

Larry R. Matheny

• John Marshall Harlan Professor Emeritus of Government

Phone: 859-238-5251
E-mail: matheny@centre.edu

Larry Matheny retired as professor of government at Centre College in 2005.

Matheny has taught at Centre since 1966 and is considered one of the College's most distinguished and sought-after teachers. He has received the David Hughes Memorial Award for excellence in teaching.

A veteran of study abroad in Oxford, London, Edinburg, and Dublin, Matheny has research interests in political and legal theory, public law, American political processes and institutions, and comparative government and political culture. In addition to teaching government courses, he has been associate dean at Centre and has chaired the college's government program. Matheny has led travel-study programs in London and has taught seminars at Oxford University and St. John's College on the theme of Britain in the Enlightenment.

Matheny received his B.A. with honors from the University of Virginia, where he also earned a Ph.D. His dissertation focused on “Harold D. Lasswell and The Crisis of Liberalism.”

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