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Brian Cusato

Brian Cusato

• Elizabeth Molloy Dowling Associate Professor of Psychology
   and Behavioral Neuroscience
• Chair of Psychology Program

Phone: 859-238-5330
E-mail: b.cusato@centre.edu
Office: Young Hall—214

Brian Cusato joined Centre’s faculty in 2006 as assistant professor of psychology, and became an associate professor and Centre Scholar in 2009. He was formerly an assistant professor at Sweet Briar College.

Dr. Cusato’s research interests concern the behavioral mechanisms of learning in animals. He is most interested in adaptive specializations in learning, and the integration of biological, comparative, and evolutionary approaches to the study of learned behavior. Most of his experiments investigate how learning occurs in the sexual behavior system, and how animals learn about the species typical cues they experience during naturally occurring social interactions. This is a novel approach to the study of learning—general enough to apply across species, yet specific enough to reflect the evolutionary history and genetics of particular species and individuals. The work is revealing sex differences in learned behavior and the importance of learning in ecologically relevant social situations. He was recently awarded an Academic Research Enhancement Award from the National Institute of Health that will help fund research with undergraduate students at Centre.

Cusato received a B.A. in psychology from Muhlenberg College, a master’s degree from Bucknell University, and a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin.

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