Centre College Faculty

Bill Crummett

William P. Crummett

• Professor of Physics

Phone: 859-238-5393
E-mail: bill.crummett@centre.edu
Office: Olin Hall—14

Personal Web site: web.centre.edu/crummett

Bill Crummett is professor of physics at Centre College. He came to the College in 1987 after teaching at the Montana College of Mineral Science and Technology.

Crummett is co-author of University Physics: Models and Applications, a physics textbook published in 1994 by the William C. Brown company. His co-author is Art Western of Rose Hulman Institute of Technology. Crummett and Western also collaborated to develop the Sonic Ranger, a piece of equipment that greatly aids student physics laboratories by providing a way to link an ultrasonic ranger with the graphing capabilities of a computer.

He has published articles that have appeared in The Physics Teacher and the American Journal of Physics.

Crummett graduated summa cum laude from West Virginia Institute of Technology with a B.S. in physics and received his Ph.D. from West Virginia University.

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