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Brian Cooney

Brian P. Cooney

• H.W. Stodghill, Jr. and Adele H. Stodghill Professor Emeritus of Philosophy

Phone: 859-238-5268
E-mail: brian.cooney@centre.edu
Personal Web site: web.centre.edu/cooneyb

In 2005, Brian Cooney was named Stodghill Professor of Philosophy at Centre College, where he has taught since 1980. In 2009, he received the Kirk Teaching Award.

Cooney has pursued research in the field of philosophical psychology and the mind/brain relationship. He is the author of A Hylomorphic Theory of Mind, published by Peter Lang Inc. in 1992.

He has edited and provided commentary for an anthology of readings in the philosophy of mind entitled The Place of Mind from Wadsworth Publishing Company (1999). His latest book is Posthumanity—Thinking Philosophically about the Future from Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (2004). It deals with the ways in which future technology will enable us to alter our minds and bodies

Cooney holds a B.A. in classics and philosophy from Saint Louis University, and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in philosophy from McGill University.

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