Emergency Response

Contact Information and Procedures

Emergency Phone Numbers (Help Line)

On campus:
Off campus:
859-236-4357 (236-HELP)

Danville Police Department

On campus and local:
Off campus:

Campus Phone Numbers

College Switchboard
Dean of Students (Randy Hays)
Public Safety Office
Director of Public Safety (Gary Bugg)
859-238-5535 or
(Kevin Milby)
Director of Parent Programs (Mona Wyatt)
Director of Communications (Michael Strysick)
College Chaplain (Rick Axtell)
Director of Counseling (Kathy Miles)

On-Campus Emergency Response Procedures

  • Upon discovering a potential emergency situation, as soon as feasible/practical, call the campus help line (4357) from a safe location.
  • Give the Centre Public Safety officer as much information as possible regarding the emergency.
  • Crisis Communications Checklist

Contacting Students

If off-campus callers fail to get in touch with a student through normal channels, they may call Public Safety at 859-236-4357. During an emergency, it is best to use the telephone—only as needed. Overuse during an emergency can cause circuits to overload, adding to the difficulty.

Forms of Emergency Communication

Updates to the Centre Web site are a primary source of off-campus information during an emergency.

Other Forms of Communication

  • reverse 911—cell phone voice and text messages
  • e-mail
  • sound and text display units in classrooms and public areas
  • portable bullhorns
  • campus tv station
  • phone trees (organized group calling)

Detailed Crisis Response Plan

In consultation and cooperation with local and state authorities, the College has developed and maintains a detailed crisis response plan. In the event of an emergency, information specific to that particular situation will be posted on the Centre Web site and conveyed through a variety of additional communication channels.