Things that Surprise Parents

Below are findings about Centre and college life in general that surprised parents.

“The freshman year is an anxious time for students and parents. I was surprised by the level of attention Centre gives to its new students. While I'm sure the literature proclaimed 'personal attention,' I either didn't believe it or wasn't aware. Centre should let parents know that they REALLY do make sure that all are brought into the fold.” Hamp and Mary Lloyd Moore

“They stay up very late and sleep more during the day than we did. Also my daughter did not nearly eat 13 meals a week in Cowan. With refrigerators, cars, microwaves, they have other options, though I still get the meal plan for my peace of mind.”

“What surprised me the most was how my daughter changed. She left for Centre a bit reserved and returned very outspoken and willing to both stand up for herself and to share her opinions.” Franklin Foster

“They DO sleep, eat, and do laundry just fine without reminders.”

“When they're sick, they still need Mom and Dad, at least by phone.”

“The warm and personal contact by the President and the advisors.” M/M John H. Clark, III

“Our child was not prepared to manage money.”

“How easily he adjusted - there seemed to be plenty of support for him at school.” Katie Wolnitzek

“Our first surprise was having so many professors, staff and students on hand as freshmen moved in. Our second was how easily our only child seemed to adapt to her new home and circumstances.” Marcia Hermann

“It's not that hard to get up to Lexington for shopping and dinner.” John and Toni Goetzman

“How little she called home...or visited her P.O. box!” Mary Beth Brown

“Volunteers actually show up to move freshmen into their dorms!” William and Carolyn Sheron

“Our son is studying harder than I would have imagined. It is amazing how much they mature in the first year.” Jeff and Cherry Calender

“How very personal the treatment of each student is by the Centre faculty and staff. I had hoped this would be the case; now I know it is! Centre folks take care of Centre students. Hooray!!!” Jennie Ivey