Centre Parent Fund


Centre College is known for breaking records and going above and beyond the call of duty. Centre College parents have joined the tradition. During the 2009-2010 year, Centre parents showed their satisfaction with Centre by contributing $175,000 in gifts to the College. A staggering 54% of current Centre parents made contributions to help set a new campus record! Few schools in the country can boast that more than half of their parents make gifts to the institution. Centre is proud to be counted among those lucky few.

Year after year, more and more parents make gifts to Centre College. In doing so, they indicate to Centre, and the larger academic community, that they are pleased with the experience their students receive. These gifts not only demonstrate satisfaction with Centre, but also make a tangible difference in the quality of students' lives on campus. The Parent Fund supports many campus enhancements and extra programs that make Centre College so special. Gifts provided during the 2009-2010 year were used for three primary purposes.

Capital: The renovation of Young Hall has provided additional classroom and laboratory space for Centre's science courses. As the project developed, one need in particular seemed appropriate for the Parent Fund. The increased laboratory space created a need for additional microscopes for the Introductory Biology Lab. Introduction to Biology is taken by more than 220 Centre students each year; this entry level course touches more than half of the student body. The Parent Fund met this need for microscopes for the new facility.

Campus Enrichment: All first-year students at Centre are required to read a pre-selected book prior to arriving on campus. A book discussion is incorporated into orientation week as a way for students to get to know one another and their faculty advisor. The book selection committee would like to bring the authors of these books to campus to speak to all students. The author could offer additional insights into his/her book and expand on the subject. Parent Fund support of this effort will ensure that every group of first-year students has the opportunity to get the most from the book and the orientation discussions. This project will benefit every first-year student that comes to Centre College. This was the first of an estimated three year campaign to fully fund this project.

Student Life: The Collegiate Readership Program is an initiative that has become very popular on campus. Centre was the first school in Kentucky to provide free issues of the Herald Leader, New York Times and USA Today in several locations around campus, promoting newspaper readership among Centre students. This project has always been supported by the Parent Fund.

Parent Fund gifts also supported such vital College needs as recruiting and retaining the best faculty, upgrading learning technology, and improving campus facilities and buildings. When parents make their gifts to the Parent Fund, they are enhancing the day-to-day experiences of all Centre students.

As 2010-2011 begins, Centre parents again have an opportunity to make a difference. This year, the Parent Fund will focus on three projects.

The Parent Fund will refurbish and expand a reading area in the library. Several years ago, the Parents Association established a reading area in the library. The vision for this space was to provide comfortable furnishings for students to relax and study, read the paper, or enjoy a novel. The area has become very popular and is well used. As a result, many of the couches and chairs have become quite worn. A committee of students has proposed expanding and refurbishing the area to meet the increased need. The Parent Fund will meet this charge and provide improved conditions for the reading area

We will also continue raising funds to bring the first-year book author to campus. This will become a signature program of the Parent Fund and will enhance the Centre experience for all incoming students.

In addition, the Collegiate Readership Program will again receive funding from Centre parents. Students and parents alike believe providing free newspapers on campus helps students stay in touch with the outside world. Newspaper readership provides a more informed student body and encourages a more global prospective.

To adequately support these three initiatives, the Parent Fund will need to generate $185,000 during the 2010-2011 year. This is an aggressive goal, representing a 5.7% increase over last year. However, Centre parents continue to partner with the College year after year to enhance the experience for all students. We are confident that parents will again rise to the challenge.

This year, Centre parents also have an opportunity to compete with Centre alumni in terms of participation. For more than 25 years, Centre alumni have been widely known for supporting their alma mater in outstanding numbers. Last year, 56% for alumni made a gift to Centre. Centre parents have proven that they too love Centre College. This year, the participation goal for parents will be 56%.

Please keep these goals in mind, and make a gift to the Centre Parent Fund today!

Centre students