Items to Bring on Move-in Day

This list was compiled by Centre parents. It's not all-inclusive, but it should be helpful.

For the room

A rug
A three-tiered plastic “cabinet” to hold things
Under-bed plastic storage boxes, stackable crates
Extra-long bedding
Other bedding - blankets, cover, pillow
Mattress pad
Alarm clock
Reading light-desk lamp
Laundry bag and quarters for laundry
Shower caddy
Towels + wash cloths
Shoes for the shower
Extra hangers and over-the-door hanger
A fall jacket (it gets cool before Family Weekend!)
Something to put computer or sound system on
Safe or lock box
Small fan
Portable seating-like a bean bag chair (one extra chair or sofa permitted per room)
Pictures of siblings/pets
Book bag
School/Desk Supplies (pens, notebooks, scissors, printer & ink cartridges, computer paper, stapler, hole punch, tape, ruler, white-out, sharpies)

General Room Supplies

Laundry supplies (plastic shower caddy), Small flashlight,sticky tack, message board
Hot/cold packs
Basic first aid and over-the-counter medications
Large and small 3M Command adhesive squares, hooks that hang on door for hats, coats or just about anything, also bed risers are a good idea for extra storage
3M Command adhesive strips
3M Command adhesive hooks
Paper towels, general cleaner, dust cloth or rags for cleaning the room during the year
Screwdrivers (all sizes), hammer (these can also be checked out for quick use at the parent info tents during freshman move-in)
Hangers for closet (curtin and tention rod to cover closet door)

Electronics and Appliances Computer

(some parents specified a laptop)
Internet connection hardware for desktops (most computers have these built-in now)
Network card for your computer
Telephone-landline (optional!)
Cell phone
Television and cable cord
CD/DVD player
Power strip
UL approved extension cords
Surge protector
Extra-long phone cord/computer line
Small refrigerator (6 cu. ft. or smaller)
Microwave (700 watts and under)


Checkbook, Insurance card, Family photos, Passport



Khaki or navy dress pants, dress shirt, and tie for the Opening Convocation
Blue blazer or suit later in the year for fraternity events


Sunday dress for Opening Convocation
Several nice outfits later in the year for sorority events


An umbrella
Rolls of quarters
A sense of adventure and humor
Money for Wal-mart
Directions to Ace Hardware/Walmart (available at the parent info tents)

Please keep in mind that Centre College Prohibits Bringing:
Duct Tape for walls
Ceiling fan
Electric skillet
Hot plate
George Foreman grill
Halogen lamp
Toaster oven
Waffle iron
Portable heater
Window air conditioner (all residence halls are air conditioned)

Print a checklist by clicking here.