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Q. Are there any ATMs on campus?
A. Yes, there is an ATM on campus inside the Campus Center (operated by Community Trust). There is also an ATM located at Speedway (operated by Chase Bank) and at the nearest banks, all within one to two blocks of campus: Farmers National Bank at 3rd and Main Streets next to the Centre Bookstore, Chase, PNC, Central Kentucky Federal Savings Bank, and Community Trust.

Q. Where can my student go to cash a check?
A. Students can cash personal checks up to $100.00 and all Centre work-study checks at the business office. Located in Boles Hall, the business office is open Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. It is closed during the lunch hour from noon to 1:00 p.m. Students can also cash checks at Farmers National Bank on Main Street with their Centre ID.

Q. Who can I contact about payment issues or questions about billing?
A. For information about tuition payment deadlines, fees, refunds, or any other payment or billing issues, contact the Cashier of Student Accounts in the business office at (859) 238-5452.

Q. Who can I contact about financial aid issues?
A. The Student Financial Planning Office provides counseling about student expenses and financial aid opportunities, and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning your student's financial aid package. Contact them at (859) 238-5365.

Q. What are flex dollars?
A. Flex dollars are attached to the meal plans and are under the control of the campus food service, Sodexo. Flex dollars may be used at Cowan Dining Hall, the Everyday Cafe, and the Hall of Fame Cafe.

The amount of flex dollars varies depending on the meal plan chosen. There are five dining plan options available: (1) 16 meals per week with $320 flex dollars; (2) 13 meals per week with $400 flex dollars; (3) 10 meals per week with $640 flex dollars; (4) Carte Blanche (unlimited meals at Cowan) with $75 flex dollars; and (5) Block Plan (100 meals per semester) with $775 flex dollars. Students receive 45% of their flex dollars in the Fall Term, 10% in the CentreTerm, and the last 45% in the Spring Term. Any flex dollars not spent in a term may be carried over to the next term, but any flex dollars not spent by the end of the academic year in May will be forfeited. Most students find very creative ways to spend every last penny if it appears they may have any left at the end of the year. For more information, visit the Centre Dining Services Web site.

Q. How can I add flex dollars to my child's account?
A. Additional flex dollars can be purchased at Cowan Dining Hall at any time during the year. Simply write a check payable to “Sodexo” or take cash to the office in Cowan. It will be added to the student's account.

Q. Is it possible to change a meal plan?
A. Meal plans can be changed during the first two weeks of the Fall and Spring Terms. This should be done at the student life office.

Q. What are Centre Bucks and where can they be used?
A. The Centre Bucks account is a declining debit account that runs through the student ID card, which can be swiped at any of the locations below. Students can use a check, credit card, debit card or cash to add Centre Bucks to their account through the finance office by seeing the cashier in Boles Hall. Parents or students may also call the finance office at (859) 238-5452 to make a deposit using a credit card. American Express, MasterCard and Visa are accepted. Students may add to their Centre Bucks if they run out at any time during the year and if they have Bucks left at the end of the year they are carried over to the next academic year. For complete information, go to

For the 2013-2014 academic year, Centre Bucks can be spent at the following locations:

The Centre Bookstore
Papa Johns
The Hub
CVS Pharmacy
Off Centre Laundry and Tanning (only for tanning services).

Centre Bucks can also be used at several of the on-campus laundry facilities, in about 20 of the campus Pepsi machines, at Centre Document Services (CDS), and for printing/copying in the library and at other academic printing stations.

NOTE: The on-campus dining facilities (Cowan, the Hall of Fame Cafe and the Everyday Cafe) do not accept Centre Bucks. Students may instead use the Flex Dollars associated with their meal plan.

Q. Where can my student go to pay a fine?
A. Students can pay parking fines, library fines, and fines for any campus policy violations at the business office on the first floor of Boles Hall.

Q. How does a student printing account work?
A. Network printing is available using shared printers located in the academic and residential labs. Students may also connect a personal printer directly to their own computers.

To control spiraling costs and wasteful printing, student printing is monitored on network printers. Each student receives a printing account - $16.50 - at the beginning of each long term. The $33.00 total represents the cost associated with 550 individual pages of black and white printing at six cents per page. Printed color pages cost 55 cents per page. Duplexed black and white copies cost 11 cents per page. Students use their ID card to release a print job from any of the printing stations located in the library or other campus academic computer labs. The card may also be used to make photocopies on any of the convenience printers that are available in the library. All copying/printing charges are applied to the student's printing allocation.

Students may also submit print requests to Centre Document Services where duplexing two black and white pages further reduces the cost to 10 cents per page. Charges are applied to the student's printing allocation first; once there are insufficient funds in the printing till, the system will debit any remaining amount from Centre Bucks. Additional funds may be added to a student's printing account (at the rate of $0.06 per B/W page) by going to the Finance Office and making a deposit using cash, check, credit or debit card. Your student can also add a maximum of $6 to his/her copying account at the Circulation Desk of Grace Doherty Library with cash or check. NOTE: For most students, the annual printing allocation of $33.00 usually meets their printing needs.
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