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Assigned Career Counselors

Each student is assigned to a career counselor for personalized attention throughout their time at Centre. Students meet with their career counselor at least once a term. Students with last names beginning with A-F are assigned to Deb Jones, G-M are assigned to Mindy Wilson, and N-Z are assigned to Joy Asher. Career counselors can help with anything career-related including choosing a major; gathering career information; and applying to jobs, internships, and graduate school.


Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) was developed by Isabel Briggs Myers and Katharine Cook Briggs and based on the work of Carl Jung. The MBTI asserts that individuals have a preferred method of how they take in information and how they make decisions. This assessment will help you determine your preferences within four different categories. The MBTI is completed on-line, using access information provided by your career counselor. You will then meet with your career counselor to interpret your results and relate them to career decisions.

Strong Interest Inventory is one of the most established and frequently used of all career assessment inventories. It is based on the career theory of John Holland. He believed that people and work environments could be classified into six different categories: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional. His theory states that if people choose careers that match their type (Holland Code), they are more likely to be both satisfied and successful. The Strong is completed on-line, using access information provided by your career counselor. Once completed, you can make an appointment to review the instrument in our office.

FOCUS 2 is an online self-paced assessment system that you can use to explore your values, interests, personality, and skills and their relation to possible majors and careers. You can save your results, print them out, and combine them into a personal portfolio. You can take the assessments and then come into Career Services to discuss your results. Contact Career Services to obtain an access code.

SkillScan Card Sort helps you identify your natural strengths and key transferable skills for use in your career development. It will help you identify occupations that use your desired skills, determine which skills you would like to acquire or further develop, understand how your skills are important to employers, and describe your skills to an employer both on your resume and in an interview.

Career Planning and Research

The Career Services Library provides numerous books and information to help you research your desired career or occupation. Be sure to talk to your Career Counselor and get the help you need to make the best use of these resources. Click here for more.

Class-Specific Programs

We offer one major program for each class year:
  • Extended Orientation - first-year students learn all about Centre Futures and the services we offer. They are also introduced to our on-line job and internship posting system, CentreWorks
  • Sophomore Survival - includes three presentations covering resume writing, interviewing, and internships (both summmer and academic-year)
  • What's Next? (Job Search and Graduate School Prep for Juniors) - includes timely information and advice for juniors on both job searching and applying to graduate school
  • Senior Celebration - a chance for the entire Senior class to come together early in the year to hear from young alumni on what they wish they knew at the start of their Senior year, how to make the most of their remaining time at school, and how to best prepare for life after Centre


Career Services handles all internships, both academic credit and non-credit/summer internships. Available internships are listed on CentreWorks and on the Summer Jobs and Internships page. Several internship funding programs, including Centre Internship Plus, the Parents Committee Internship Fund, and Centre Education Fellowships, are available on a limited, competitive basis, for both summer and CentreTerm internships.

Job Searching

Career Services offers several resources to help you in your job search including:
  • Job Search, Resume Writing and Interviewing Programs and Special Events
  • Resume and Cover Letter Critiques
  • Mock Interviews
  • CentreWorks (our on-line job posting system)
  • On-Campus Interviewing
  • Spotlight Career Fair - annual job, internship, and graduate school fair sponsored by all of the private colleges and universities in Kentucky. Spotlight 2014 will be held on Thursday, February 27 from 2:00 - 5:00 pm at Marriott Griffin Gate in Lexington. Information is dispersed early in the beginning of the calendar year. If you have questions about Spotlight, call Career Services at 859-238-5283. You can also view employers attending and their current job openings at
  • Assigned career counselors

Graduate School Services

We also offer resources to help you research and apply to graduate and professional schools including:
  • Graduate School Programs and Special Events (such as "So, You Think You Want to Go to Grad School?" and the Law School Fair)
  • Personal Statement Critiques
  • Print Resources including graduate school, law school, and professional school guides and catalogs; and books on getting into graduate school, writing admissions essays, and financing your graduate education.
  • On-line Resources including links to graduate, law and professional schools; graduate exams and test preparation; and financial aid and scholarships.

Services for Alumni

Career Services offers all the same services to alumni as we do to students. We are happy to help alumni with all of their career needs. Simply call us at 859-238-5283 or e-mail Joy Asher or Deb Jones.


Click here for information on where Centre students do internships, attend graduate school, and which employers hire students after graduation.

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